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SF Legends Chun-Li 4A

By UdonCrew
Artist: Omar Dogan

Here's Omar Dogan's cover for Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li #4!


Arriving in stores TODAY is the final issue of the Hong Kong action mini-series. It’s non-stop excitement from start to finish, as you can see by the preview below!

“In the conclusion to Chun-li’s prequel miniseries, the strongest woman in the world comes face to face with the king of Muay Thai! It’s Chun-li VS Sagat, with the souls of eight thousand Chinese warriors on the line!”

Story by Ken Siu-Chong, Art by Omar Dogan
Covers by Omar Dogan and Alvin Lee

Street Fighter and related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Looks like Chun Li doesn't afraid of Sagan's large frame, muscles and brutal fighting style.

hambone752's avatar
these are my 2 favorite street fighter characters!
i would like to see them fight!
thanx man!
SocQA's avatar
Very nice work, like their stare battle :) Chun Li's just badass
darcylander's avatar
the people here seem to be under the impression that Sagat is a wimp 
octogone's avatar
No, most of them just take a humorous take on the picture. Nobody thinks or says anything like "He's a wimp". 
darcylander's avatar
ok, well, my mistake then 
KnightPro's avatar
Awesome!!! very nice :D
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SailorSun1998's avatar
Chun Li has always been my favorite character to play as.
JustPlainMikey's avatar
Chun Li looks so stubborn and Sagat just feels so quietly imposing.
Dragon-the-Tribrid's avatar
She doesn't look the least bit perturbed by Sagat's intimidating stature!
smokehunter2's avatar
Sagat: It's RAPIN time!
Tupack's avatar
ZachValkyrie's avatar
Horrible odds. Sagat is a 7'4" Muay Thai master, with a long reach, and hands big enough to crush a human skull.

The poor guy doesn't stand a chance.
ZhangLio26's avatar
Sagat:hey babe
Chun Li: you're late >:@
jackmackhack's avatar
"Alright scumbag, you're under arrest!"
ULTIMATEbudokai3's avatar
Chun Li: "...ill still fuck you up."
AnimeandMangaFanatic's avatar
RBKNinja's avatar
Wow... Love her badass attitude :D
nuvonova's avatar
Thanks for creating this - was perfect for my blog post: [link]
PyLea94's avatar
NEVER underestimate chun li... she will crack your nuts Sagat
hey, Sagat is no push over, He's Ryu's rival after all. 
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