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SF Legends Chun-Li 2B

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jeff 'Chamba' Cruz

Arriving in stores today is Street Fighter: Legends Chun-li #2!

Check out preview pages here!

If you’ve been left feeling depressed by any of the lovely Chun-li’s other media outings lately, we promise you that the all-original SF Legends: Chun-Li mini-series will not disappoint!

Young officer Chun-li and her partner Po-lin are hot on the trail of Shadaloo’s latest Hong Kong scheme. Plus, a pivotal moment is revealed in the life of everyone’s favorite loser, Dan Hibiki, as Dan’s father faces of against the King of Muay Thai - Sagat!

Featuring 2 covers by Omar Dogan and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz

Street Fighter and related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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gamermanx67's avatar
We know now who took his eye
SzakyU's avatar
Sagat (and Elena, but she came later) is by far my fav character in the SF series. If you look at his behavior, you realize that after the events of the second game, he became kinda calm and wise... Looks like he learns after his injuries. Sweating a little... 
SketchCrows's avatar
Poor poor Dan:( (Sad) 
Mudkipz14's avatar
I punch Sagat in the face to help Dan. He looks so sad.
Madpredator's avatar
Aaargh!! Sagat´s nipples!
glitcher's avatar
Oh great, you just HAD to point those out. Now I can't stop staring at them. :disbelief:
naruto162's avatar
So THAT'S what happened to his eye
simpleguyfa's avatar
I am getting crying, it makes me sad.. Im sorry for poor Dan. :cries:

Chun Li and Dan should must fight against Sagat and SAVE Dan's father instead of she holds Dan! :angered:
KdiOtox's avatar
Beautiful, Beautiful!
Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.

prettygirl456's avatar
Wat in the world?! Ok my questions 1. What is that big dude doing to that blue headed dude? 2. Why are they both bleeding?? 3.Why is Chun-Li holding back the crying dude??? Srry I havn't played this game for a while... -_- AND tell me the story!! PLZ
ToyoRai's avatar
1. The big guy (Sagat) is really much going to kill blue haired guy's (Gou Hibiki). 2. They're were in battle with eachother. 3. Because the crying guy (Dan Hibiki) is trying to save his father but Chun-Li tries to hold him back so he doesn't get himself killed.
Note, I haven't read the issue myself but I think I got this situtation right.
prettygirl456's avatar
i heard a rumor about Charlie appearing in this issue
DarkRaven64's avatar
It was nice to see Dan's father kick butt before his untimely demise.
heh,iv'e never seen this scene illustrated,im a fan
CodyMau's avatar
You know... Udon's their own company, but they work close with Capcom. And if they're even bashing Capcom's movie you know that everyone feels it's terrible. Seriously, who let that movie out of production? Was no one paying attention?
KooMeh's avatar
oh shit, dan is crying :D
PaladinArtea's avatar
wow it's rare to see a serious moment with Dan...also now I randomly wonder who'd win Sagat or Craig Marduk from Tekken
Solo-W's avatar
Besides the confusion on who really took Sagat's eye, THAT'S IMPRESSIVE!!!:XD:
UdonCrew's avatar
Well the full issue makes it quite clear who took Sagat's eye, no worries about that.
Malango's avatar
Cool, I always felt sorry for Dans father, but at least he took his eye, then Ryu gave him the massive scar, Sagats taken a lot over the years hahah.
PatMW1983's avatar
If Udon made a Street Fighter movie, it would be the first time in history that a Street Fighter movie didn't suck.

I know a lot of people loved the first Animated Movie but I'm sorry, it may have been the best, but it still sucked.
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