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PF Ken

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jo Chen

This image was created as a powerfoil cover for Street Fighter issue #2. Since then it's been used as an iconic image for several other Street Fighter-related products including an art print, card game image and video game controller box.

If you didn't get a chance to buy the art print from us at the anime/comic conventions over the summer, it's still available from the UDON Online Store.

Ken Masters is copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Mr. Masters! Awesome art of him!!!
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I used to always play as Ken in SF2 when I was a kid. Then my brother would play as Ryu and totally beat the crap outta me... and I got really mad. :fight: It would have helped if I knew how to do the shoryuken back then... ^^;
It was the exact opposite with me. I always played SSF Alpha with my younger brother and my Ken always beat the crap out of his Ryu with the flaming Shoryuken:)
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Please accept submission of this piece to :iconhandsclub:
It will make a great addition to our group gallery.
Make sure You visit us, best regards!
MrPenguin91809's avatar
Best Ken art piece eber
R3PLICA-NL's avatar
Sho-ryu-ken!!! xD
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just when I was trying to take a break from DA, you just HAD to satisfy my wallpaper needs.

this is completely epic, love Ken's fiery spirit, and excellent detail.
the-blue-wizard's avatar
My favourite character in SF and my favourite move in SF... Good art!... Coooolll!... :D
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Wow love the effects of the fire. Ken to this day my best character in the game. My 9 year old bro when we play tells me can't use him. Seeing I beat him in record time. :lol:
BTR88tuxedoblack's avatar
I was going to ask, do you find Ken more effective than Ryu? I've heard Ken is faster but isn't as strong. Generally I use Ryu or Ken myself. :)
McGreger16's avatar
Me my pick is always going be Ken Masters. He faster and that flaming uppercut is just killer when land it right. :iconpinkiesmileplz:
BTR88tuxedoblack's avatar
Thanks so much for replying to me :) Ken is devastating if you play against him as Ryu and aren't spot on. I always get pumped on Ken's theme on Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior on Super Nintendo. I always find I panic if the fight gets too close and can't pull of a Shoryuken. I can always do a hadouken though. 
McGreger16's avatar
Shoryuken into the Hurricane Kick is a combo do and is great. :D
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Alguien te U.S.A.
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Wow! I shat my pants!
cobyswesey's avatar
whoaza! thats pretty awesome
new deviant user :)
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Just my favorite character. Awesome picture, I've printed it and looks so good on my wall! SHORYUKEN ! :)
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