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PF Guile

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jo Chen

This image was created as a powerfoil cover for UDON's Street Fighter comic issue #4.

Want to read UDON's Street Fighter comic? Buy the trade paperbacks on Amazon.

Guile is copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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craw27's avatar
Love this one
Mayleth's avatar
Such a fierce, kickass Guile! Love it! SONIC BOOOOOM!!!!
joeFJ's avatar
Flawless facial expression. Whoever he's hitting better beg for forgiveness-and FAST!
jheinked's avatar
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Let this beating be a lesson.
J0SERO's avatar
Raskolnikov2007's avatar
You pretty much are forced to say that in your head when you see this.
J0SERO's avatar
Oh yeah, and with guile's theme on the background
shadowkirby97's avatar
That flag on Guile's arm isn't a tattoo, it's a birthmark. XD
simplychrome's avatar
Reasons why Guile is a badass he thinks guns are for pussies and hes in the Military?!!! he don't need no weapons just his SONIC BOOM! and flash kicks!
GuileofStreetFighter's avatar
Hell yah, you made him look badass.
DaveSchultz's avatar
Show some love for GUILE, check out the Guile Rap Song "Feel My Pain"
Just give it a chance!
b1k's avatar
SONIS FUCKEN BOOM. Street Fighter the later years.
Percavius's avatar
Except for a leaner jaw/chin and lack of eyebrows, his face looks just like Elvis Presley. Not joking.
Neurotiker's avatar
Damn, I can feel the energy coming through the picture! Amazing work.
Bloodspade's avatar
sonic boom! i like this one, really cool
ultranic-comics's avatar
connman14's avatar
Once again, absolutely awesome. Kudos
AshuraMGS2SUB's avatar
Hey, this was also on the box for one of the Street Fighter anniversary hand controllers for Xbox! Shame the controller itself was ass, but the shiny box it came in was sweet. ^^
Bahajin's avatar
Sonic Booom!
Great Job!

A new work is available on
:iconbahajin: Extra Kard

Hope you'll enjoy!
matthew4lyphe's avatar
i'm a streetfighter fan :D
StPyronLeWiked's avatar
Not the way i would like him to look, but damn sure decent
Kain66's avatar
Pepius's avatar
Sonic Boom! :D
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