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PF Dark Ryu

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jo Chen

This image was created as a limited edition powerfoil cover for the Street Fighter II #1 comic book.

Although the U.S. version of Street Fighter calls him 'Evil Ryu', Capcom Japan has let us know that their preference is the term 'Dark Ryu'.... meaning that he's been corrupted but isn't instantly evil.

Ryu is copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Yeah Evil Ryu makes more sense than Dark Ryu, which usually in a game means a clone or shadow type. Plus corrupted is corrupted, evil is evil. In the world today we try to make evil exist in a pretty little box that ends up being completely inauthentic.

Anyways, this is awesome info--now I want to make a true 'Dark Ryu' and an Evil Ryu for my current Ryu.

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Ugh! I hate it when they call him with the E word! Plus, sometimes I wish he could control that power without being so ballistic and bloodthirsty. Just a bit more stubborn and with a bit rougher personality, that's all. Example:
- E-word Ryu: I'LL RIP YOUR F***ING HEAD OFF! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!
- Dark Ryu (preferable): Even that old man can fight better than you! You're moves are pathetic, never challenge me again!
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scratch that i get to keep it woohoo awesome really didnt want to get rid of it anyways
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i have this print signed by jo chen from sd comicon needs a home any takers send me an
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This is awesome!
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nice art!! guys, how much does this art cost nowadays? whats the value of it?
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Niceeee as always
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That's awesome, Jo.
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1 of the best Ryu Arts.
Kamehameha haha
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:wow: Love the glowing eyes!
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Darkness Rules
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Awesome artwork. Fantastic job!
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that is awesome
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is someone know how did ryu became evil?
i never seen the movie and the comics because in my country its hard 2 get it
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All I can say is that this was most likeluy caused by Akuma's constant attepts to make Ryu succumb to the Satsui No Hadou. He's playable as far as the Alpha series, amd Street Fighter EX. he had appearences, but not a lot of them.
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