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PF Blanka

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Joe Vriens
Paints: Christine Choi

This image was created as a powerfoil cover for the 2nd issue of our Street Fighter II comic series.

Blanka is copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Love the high energy and style!! :D
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Did you guys watch the newest episode of Death Battle? *SPOILER* Blanka ate Pikachu's head and then made Pokemon juice with blender, ending with an electrifying burp after drinking it. Finally G___ vs S_______ is fighting next!!!!
jheinked's avatar
one of my favorite moves
lonewulfinottawa2009's avatar
what's to say that has not been said?
MugoUrth's avatar
I remember hearing this one guy say "Blanka has the most predictable attacks of any Street Fighter character," despite the fact that Blanka's specialty is pretty much being UNpredictable. Also, in Street Fighter Alpha 3, he's arguably one of the easier characters to play. When playing on the medium difficulty (4 stars) I can beat the game with Blanka without much problem, but I can't beat the game with anyone else.
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One thing I found weird about SFA3, though, is that it made Blanka out to be this fun loving animal, while the original Street Fighter 2 didn't give me that impression. ...Then again, the personalities of every character was a LOT less developed in the Street Fighter 2 series as well.
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Blanka is the Best, your art is AWESOME!!!
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yeah >.<

you roCK!
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Man, Blanca is pissed off.
FingersCreateDestroy's avatar
Powerful indeed; I've yet to see the beserking jungle beast as ferocious as he is here...well except when I transform into him and go beserk from losing a match hehe. Nice work w/ this one.
neomiguelangel's avatar
Shocking picture, as much as Blanka himself;-)
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power of the beast!!! :D
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hey dudes next week i will make a tattoo about that planca pic.....u will see that in my profile soon !!!!
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look so great ... i love that ...
DtheCadeyra's avatar
*hugs Blanka and gets shocked to death* x_x
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