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MtG Online- Mayael

By UdonCrew
Artist: Saejin Oh

Character portrait from Magic the Gathering Online of Mayael the Anima.

Magic the Gathering and all related elements copyright © Wizards of the Coast
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Christonejazz's avatar
Those colors are WONDERFUL! I'm glad you kept the with pupils too!
kingfisher13's avatar
Hmmmm.... amazing work, but I have to ask: is the image cropped in any way? It looks like there should be more to it.
Lordvaati3531's avatar
beautiful. I love her. She's amazing =D
mg1342mg's avatar
Her hair is divine...and just a peak of cleavage!
OnioftheEarth's avatar
ive gotta say that these are all awesome! i love magic and i love the alternative artworks. you should totally submit these to Wizards of the coast. How long do these normaly take to complete. Photoshop or illustrator?
Firemahlazer's avatar
ToxicTurd's avatar
Did you know this is sexy?
StephanieLeonheart's avatar

I think I'm in love. :heart:
Miracle-overloading's avatar
Oh sweet, she's one of my favorites.

Its so cool to see what she what she looks like from a distance.
pnpmario's avatar
I already loved her normal card form, but this is just beautiful.
scione's avatar
damn..... {nuf said}
evilhamsterking's avatar
that's my favorite card in all of magic
checkingthecheese's avatar
Nice drawing. MTG artists are cool.
Brilliant rendition of Mayael. You captured her creepy-yet-beautiful power.
gogoporen's avatar
WOOOOOOOWWW Mayaell!! nice work perfectly done..
As others have said, the colors are amazing! Combined with her cute look, perfect! Keep up the great work.
Cuthalien's avatar
I love UDON's stuff. I know I rarely get a chance to get on dA but hell its worth it when I am and I see stuff like this posted. This is great, I love the silver body paint, love the eyes love the colors used...
UdonCrew's avatar
Thanks for the compliments.
SleepDepJoel's avatar
I dig the silver body paint.
jade-rose-art's avatar
Beautiful! Very nice eyes. The colours are wonderful together. Amazing work on the shadows and highlights, they look great. The outfit is so pretty! I love the flowers :heart:
Levelten's avatar
very very beautiful!
warrior-of-tzeentch's avatar
Ah, Mayael. What a lovely individual. Love the style and colours to it. Really captured her beautifully.
Amaniwolf's avatar
Beautiful. The colors are wonderful!
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