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Hollow's Last Hope

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Joe Ng
Colors: Espen Grundetjern

Cover artwork for the Hollow's Last Hope adventure module released by Paizo Publishing. You can see the original line art here.

Look for new UDON artwork in Paizo's upcoming Pathfinder line of products.

Game Mastery line © Paizo Publishing
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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OniVrask's avatar
As much as I'd cheer for the werewolf...I know better.
Dawnfad's avatar
nice work the fire is a nice coler as well as the moon i just love the way you did this ceep up the good work:)
braixlord's avatar
I love the moon in the background. It's like the man in the moon going "HOLY SH*T!"
MummyMetaller's avatar
Spectacular work! :horns:
ToshirotheKnightWolf's avatar
awesome, i the guy given a choice to fight or help the werewolf?
1006's avatar
dude the hero looks Fable inspired
rokuss4's avatar
The wolf or werewolf looks soo cool
nifleheim's avatar
Simple Amazing
farcry77's avatar
I featured this work in the news article

I faved these last year..How about u??
6hatakeyuri6's avatar
Forgiven for putting almost all your favorite drawings is that they are all so beautiful that I will get all thehttp

BrenGun's avatar
very amayzing!!!!
Necromund's avatar
Gotta say I love the detail on the armor, lighting is good too!
NWNClub's avatar
The wolves fur is an uterrly commendable atcheivement! Love his armor too!
Flerina's avatar
omg... I'm speakless... thats so... XD woah... I love wolfbeastys^^ I must put you on my watchlist or I die XD''
Elephantking89's avatar
it's like a cross between Pathfinder and 300, two of the greatest most violent films made
Matt9's avatar
That is awesome. love the color. :)
OkamiiScarlett's avatar
i really like your pic =D it`s great !
Dottwing's avatar
the wolf or werewolf is amazing
Hungrysparrow's avatar
Really striking composition. It creates a very real sense of drama. Nice armour design too.
trigun2david's avatar
DuszanB's avatar
go werewolf , go werewolf !!!

it's amazing art...
K-okami3210's avatar
good job on the details!
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