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Gamepro Cover - GTA4

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Eric Vedder
Paints: Sven

Cover painting for the October issue of Gamepro Magazine featuring exclusive new information on Grand Theft Auto IV.

Character copyright © Rockstar Games
Gamepro Magazine ©2006 IDG Entertainment
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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baan-art's avatar
Whoaa that's wicked =D
Clayton1238's avatar
this reminds me of the little conversation where niko describes the atrocities he had witnessed during his tima as a russian soldier... specifically with the parts about the children with their throats slashed and hands cut off... he doesnt want to be a bad guy... but after seeing the shit he has seen he can never go back to being decent.
MarkoSejat's avatar
Niko was never a Russian soldier. Hes Serbian, he faught in the Yugoslav Wars.
capncraka's avatar
Nice rendition of Niko..I like his expression :lol:

I featured this piece here: [link]
halonut117's avatar
nico bellic in all his glory.
TheSpanishSkeletor's avatar
Can't wait to get this game! Great job!
alisdairmac's avatar
amazing, especially with GTA IV coming through!
MysteryEzekude's avatar
Damn, you even made the cover for GTA IV?? So I guess it isn't just Capcom then. Lol.
PatrickBrown's avatar
DUDE your work is AWESOME!

there's some true GTA dedication in this one! i like that!
animatorpradeep's avatar
great work sir.......ilke way u work.....ur gr888888888 artist
Eye-Freeze's avatar
Amazing work :wow: , superb shading :omg: and awesome expression :nod:
..... am waiting "GTA 4" :(
RNABrandEnt's avatar
That's cool. Straight on shot, no effects, but the likeness of the character is nice :-)


PaulXIII's avatar
holocause's avatar
You really expect a criminal to look like a hunk?
Obscure-Dragon's avatar
"Wait, real-time??? You mean I don't get to slack off like the other guys in the previous games??? You BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!"
InpuUpUaut's avatar
He looks a bit like a rat... =P
Obscure-Dragon's avatar
OMG, he really does!!! Nice observation!!! :D
vincent-h-nguyen's avatar
damn! that guy is pissed and he's really to take it out on the street!! :shocked:
ALicede's avatar
no me gusta grant thef aito...o como sea q se esriva jajajaj ..pero esta muy nice! m gusto el coloreado y su expresion facial siguele asi q van muy bien todos ustedes jajaj :bow:
jeffsimpsonkh's avatar
Cool, nice image. I hope that gmaes gonna be good! *not that I can afford to have any system that will play it :(*
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