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Fighting Evolution- GUILE

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© 2007 - 2020 UdonCrew
Line Art: Arnold Tsang
Colors: UDON (too many people to specify :) )

UDON was extremely proud to create artwork for Capcom's Fighting Evolution video game. We provided art for the advertising, game box art and all the character endings.

Here's the character ending artwork for Guile.

Guile and Capcom Fighting Evolution copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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GUILE...A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!!United States of America I salute you! 
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Guile made America great again
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Code-EStudent General Artist
He went home to be a family man. :happycry: :salute:
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AntogamesStudent Interface Designer
Guile for president!
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Genie92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's why I love Guile, he's so patriotic.I salute you! 
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MrAnsatsukenHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Charlie is lookin down from heaven
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[Guile Theme Plays]
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sendy1992Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Always goes with Everything
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While he does not have many special moves, He compensates it with guts and heart. A great soldier and a father indeed.
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Just-RubeStudent Digital Artist
go home and be a family man.
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Jhonny-ManicStudent Digital Artist
A real American hero.
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laughingwarlockHobbyist General Artist
"Go home and be a family man."
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guile - a loving husband and father, and one cool american motherf***er
nice job
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We need a man like Guile for president. Only he can challenge the terrible power of Vladimir "The Iron Fist of the Kremlin" Putin!
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Guile Deserves this, any one who disagrees will be SONIC BOOMED and become a family man!
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Love the picture. Guile has been my favorite SF character for a long time. Only one thing erks me in the picture though. His uniform color. Air Force Dress Uniforms are blue not green.
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AltaicTigerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, I began to "sing" Guile's theme after I saw this... I'm serious!

Guile's theme goes with everything came to my mind....
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I use Chun-Li personally, but I always looked forward to fighting Guile just to hear his theme song.
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Guile family photos, NICE!
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Im no military expert, or obsessed with street fighter but, HAHAHAHAHA Who the hell draw this?? 4 star General of the Air Force?? really.... ...his first ever rank and appearance in street fighter II was tech Sergeant E-5,...then he was portrayed as a second lieutenant, then major...in less than 10 years,...AHH! yet again,...yea its just a cartoon,..but any military man or veteran would look at this and say a big WTF!
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iLuvWMGsStudent General Artist
Who said he was only an NCO during SF2? I believe he was already an officer then, but man, he has mad skillz to get promoted from Major to General in a short moment of time, he must be doing Captain America's job.
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bodyperson41Student General Artist
[link] This plays during the end...
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