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Fighting Evolution- BISON

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Arnold Tsang
Colors: UDON (too many people to specify :) )

UDON was extremely proud to create artwork for Capcom's Fighting Evolution video game. We provided art for the advertising, game box art and all the character endings.

Here's the character ending artwork for Bison.

All characters and Capcom Fighting Evolution copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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luis-GAH's avatar
this should be like in SF2 time, 'cause | can see Cammy and Sagat there…
jaredjlee's avatar
That is not Cammy.
luis-GAH's avatar
of course she's not champ!… ;D
luis-GAH's avatar
Decapre? you mean Cammy clon right… 
kidhero10000's avatar
yeah that piece of trash taking the spot of a better character people would of actually wanted to see.
Honor-and-Strength's avatar
lovin ur color choice man
Festivaali's avatar
I've never seen this. I think, if this would take place after SF IV. Sagat standing there, doesn't make much sense. Maybe he sees Bison, less evil?
Gameguy007's avatar
Now Bison has what he needs to shape the world as he sees fit. Who's gonna stop him, now?
DevintheCool's avatar
I rule the world thanks to you.
Having not played III, I have to ask why Bison is wearing his cape when he's fighting Gill. Most of the time he throws the cape to the wind right before the ight starts. Or was the cape just too much apart of his character to take away in this illustration?
DelinquentDuo's avatar
And this is where Bison goes: "Muhuhuhuhuhu." At least that's how I think it sounds.
CG-001's avatar
So wait.....What happened?!
Bison kicked gil's butt. then gill came back to life (both him and bison tend to do that allot. come back to life that is lol)
Koriandr-star's avatar
I like it, quite sharp, and visually polished, however the concept of the 'doll soliders' quite frankly takes away any imposing feel of power surronding bison and rather then see a trained elite of henchmen it seems to be more of a ';pleasure squad' in watching then anything.
Shades86's avatar
OldSolidSonic's avatar
Its true what they say. "The Originals can never be beaten"
TheCrimsonEmo's avatar
M. Bison and His army were done so incredibly, well done! =)
awesome ending!
who is the chick with the feather ¿she is from mexico?
sonshinmaru's avatar
and bison says: kneel before your real master moehoehahahahaha lol
DocileCard's avatar
I like how Sagat is the only one who isn't blocking there eyes.
TehARTFULLBazzard's avatar
Great job on the dolls!
the3plesix's avatar
Bison is the best boss ever created in my opinion! X)
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