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Exalted 2nd Ed- The South

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Steven Cummings
Paints: Espen Grundetjern

Cover artwork strip for the Exalted 2nd Edition RPG supplement The South.

The glass buildings of Chiaroscuro liquefy from the heat of the Five Metal Shrike's blast.

Exalted and all related characters copyright © White Wolf Publishing
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Commander-A-21-Felix's avatar
it almost looks like an alternate take on Sodom and Gamora
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I might totally miss the point of the design, but...
Glass + heat = heated glass.
Melting glass = intense heat.
Intense heat in really short time = no living creatures around (such as humans or animals).
Explosion = first shock wave, then heat. Explosions first displace air masses, then the created space is replaced with expanding gases, hot explosion results.

So, technically, there's this paradox: either the glass building would first shatter and get falling to the side in pieces and only then get melted by the heat, or the humans and other items flying away due to the blast should be incinerated in mere instants. By the looks of it, those people are closer to the blast point than the buildings (assuming that is a round construction, separating the living quarters of those people from the glass buildings).

Or, that's not Newtonian Physics in that Universe and I have been writing for a few minutes with no real point here. :-)

Nonetheless, I like the image :-)
Ajf115's avatar
Exalted runs on the physics of 'Awesome', not Newtonian physics. I'm not even joking. Gunpowder doesn't work there because the Primordials who made the world Said So. It's possible for a Solar Exalt to dropkick a monster the size of a small mountain, if they've got the Charms.
blackdoom's avatar
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Is that a thing on Deviantart?
blackdoom's avatar
Let's make it so!
Epzi10n's avatar
Well, in exalted, all within I believe a football field or 30 would take infinite damage upon experiencing the Five Metal Shrieks main weapon. I conclude this is milliseconds after the firing of said weapon, and your very astute critique will soon come to pass there after! :p
blackdoom's avatar
:D Muhahahahaaaaa

Djake's avatar
I thought it was supposed to be the city of Gem that's always getting nuked in the South. It's like the Tokyo of Creation. ;)
Lovely piece, though! Way to bring Exalted to life!
PaladinArtea's avatar
holy crap that ship is awesome and scary at the same time.
Joshikosei's avatar
the girl in the foreground looks bored.
pineywoods's avatar
grate buildings
Amazing, just amazing!
Wow. I just read through the comments and it seems like no-one here has any idea what this is supposed to be. That's so sad. There is a ton of great stuff in the Exalted game and Udon Crew's art is prolific in it. You people need to use google before you comment.
The Five Metal Shrike disapproves, apparently.
liquidfire101's avatar
wow beautiful work, not sure if this was your intention but reminds me of something right out of the Bible.
Joshikosei's avatar
lol your comment

space ships = extraterrestrials = disproves the Christian faith
liquidfire101's avatar
so why the lol on my comment?
fedupN's avatar
Apparently God subcontracts genocidal atrocities out to Alien spacecraft.

"Hey, I got this city I want taken care of...uh huh...yeah...usual going rate. Ok thanks."

OH, and that is a BEAUTIFUL picture.
Magolobo's avatar
Without that spaceship looks like a biblic image like Sodom city.
inza10's avatar
is a copy
inza10's avatar
this is the link:
jpnunezdesigns's avatar
This is crazy cool!
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