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DnD4e: Werewolves

By UdonCrew
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Line Art: Chris Stevens
Paints: Saejin Oh and Zub

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition launches today!

These are the Werewolves from the 4th edition Monster Manual. You can see the original line art for this piece right here.

Dungeons & Dragons and all related material © Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2020 UdonCrew
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Pity that got ride of the curse of lycanthropy in 4E and made them just shape shifters, when the curse of lycanthropy was an iconic part of were-beasts, and provided a huge chance for role play, and 'risk vs reward' with the curse itself. 
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Very nice!
Here's me be inquisitive, but... Have you done anything else like this, like for D&D 5e?
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nicely done...but i notice teo things wrong....1> leather armor too tight...and 2> the use of metallic armor.
the problems: 1>this causes heat to be trapped, resulting in hypothermia (overheating).
2>their rate of movment would suffer greatly, and it's heavy.
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Love what you made!
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im always a werewolf when i play d&d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ladyarahHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job! I just wanted to let you know that I featured this in "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 20 - Werewolves", you can find it here: [link]
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KeIIionHobbyist Writer
great werewolves good work ^^
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oooooh, i see my old Zalthre there...
he had a bad end on that campain <.<

werebeasts roX always.
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ToshirotheKnightWolfHobbyist General Artist
awesome werewolves man
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hiddenlordHobbyist Digital Artist
Eeee... It's means... Yyyyy...

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Dude~ o.o
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Excellent, both of them!
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what software do u use normally. How long does it take you to do this kind of drawing normally?
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We usually use Photoshop for our artwork. A piece like this would usually be done in one day, sometimes a day and a half (so... any where from 8-12 hours work).
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txs a lot. by the way .. that's an awasome picture
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AlexLandishProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome wolfs!
Great color job!
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looks so real.
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Superdemon-InuyashaHobbyist Traditional Artist
great job on this! 8D
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the wolf on the left has a problem in the cranial structure ?no? i dont know.. the right eye and ear is a little strange...

otherwis .. love the pose and details on armor ;D
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Easily the most awesome werewolves I've ever seen. I like how the one on the right looks just as ready to go at it empty handed as he would be if he pulled that weapon on his back out. They both look great.
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x-raiderHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yay!! Werewolves!! *huggles furiously*

You know what would be interesting? A dire werewolf. That idea just popped into my head...
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