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Chesire the Hacker

By UdonCrew
Artist: Omar Dogan

A blast from the past!

This full page illo appeared in Dungeon Magazine #103, back in October 2003. It was used for an article called "Unusual Suspects" all about hacker characters for the d20 Modern RPG.

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That's super neat! I like the little bobbles she has, a lot of real coders and such that I knew when I was working in software had little fun desktop bobbles, it was always fun to see people's personality expressed by the weird junk they'd haul to work to decorate their desk with

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+1 for Homestar Runner
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Hacker are creator not destroyer unlike cracker.
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These characters were obviously based on the characters from the movie Hackers , with Chesire being based somewhat on Kate Libby.

Great work.
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Scootaloo the hacker
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Pfff, is that Homestar Runner I see? Nice!
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EEEEEEE is Cheshire like, her hacker handle? That's the best handle EVAH. EEEVVVVAAHHHHH.
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Homestar Runner
thandav's avatar
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Devorum hapshapsadramidiatrum DAK! HAVRAKUM!!! Ozzy Osbourne decorum akram devikarum!!! "Ozzy is to Rougish to look Gothic"
JaRoDBlUe's avatar
Gimme back my Alienware ArouraALX. AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE TOP OF THE CASE?!?!?!!
You monster.
Ioulaum's avatar
Brings back memories. :giggle:
ijustloveit619's avatar
I wonder what is she watching to have that expression ;3
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Oh that's quite a rig. *drools* Some day I'll get mine on par with that. Friggin sweet piece of work. I mean holy crap. And you've even got Tux, a form of beverage, an empty bag of snacks, writable media, on which you correctly listed storage space. I'm also seeing Marzipan, Strong Mad and Homestar. At the end of a bad day it's nice to track down a piece of work like this.
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wow, that looks like one of my friends except not a girl. His whole room is dedicated to electronics like this. Two computers, 6 screens, and a few laptop. He's crazy wicked, I'm going to link this to him he will love it.
Amazing by the way I love all the little buddies and the CD-R tube is awesome! I was like I HAVE THAT XD excellent, keep up the good work. FAV.
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nice lab.
Wanna have :)
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i had this image faved for a long time...and loved it. but i must un-fav it, because it looks a bit cold in that room, if you know what i mean. :'(
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I like this, Good Use of HSR, and I did develop a slight case of screen count envy, overall, Very good, but too clean IMHO.

I mean One water bottle and a candy wrapper? where's the pile of Mountain Dew cans? The Box of Pizza? the flash drives? The sticky notes? The empty Coffee cups?
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Artists are really amazing think tanks, they can create bunch of things that real life couldn't do it!!

I have maximum 3 build-in computers only, with one keyboard and mouse and 5 screens total but my eyes were almost stick out of my eyes!!! Damn this guy has 10 screens, he must be some kinds of robot!!!
RennyRensaur's avatar
omg i barely noticed, but did you forget to color the earring? :o
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