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Character Select- Vega

By UdonCrew
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Line Art: Alvin Lee
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

This is the character select portrait of Vega for the upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game coming out on XBox Live and the Playstation network.

We'll have more artwork (and hopefully a release date) for you soon.

Street Fighter and all related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2020 UdonCrew
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LadyKerenHobbyist Writer
this is nice..I sort of like Vega, believe it or not..
Mudkipz14's avatar
Ok, just gonna say this........ he has brown hair. Don't be offended ,the artwork is amazing, he just has brown hair.
Twentyone21w's avatar
Twentyone21wHobbyist Traditional Artist
Vega only has two blades on his claw, they are supposed to be like fangs to match his snake tattoo.
Toshiro-Rangiku's avatar
Toshiro-RangikuHobbyist General Artist
VEGA looks like Edward Elric srsly he does
Firelord55555's avatar
Firelord55555Hobbyist General Artist
vega will mess you up
ArtsyVana's avatar
ArtsyVana General Artist
Very nice! :D
bossman12's avatar
bossman12 Traditional Artist
If vega were my dad I would want him to show me the ways of his "Spanish Ninjitsu"
NeophilesTheMetal94's avatar
NeophilesTheMetal94Student Digital Artist
If Vega was in FMA he would look like this... SOMEBODY MAKE A CROSSOVER QUICK!
MariaMC's avatar
MariaMCHobbyist General Artist
my fav character, although his fingernails always freak me out :P
DevintheCool's avatar
DevintheCool Digital Artist
AkitoSouma's avatar
AkitoSoumaHobbyist General Artist
Ohhh, gorgeous! I love that expression of cruelty on his face. :D
JulietteDied's avatar
I like it, though i was expecting more femenine features.

He's my favorite character anyway.
yeahgirl11's avatar
yeahgirl11Student Traditional Artist
I always thought he was hot, but just couldn't admit it because I used to think he was gay. :XD: I haven't played SF in such a long ASS time; the last one I played was Street fighter EX Alpha Plus.
ScorpionMK37's avatar
ScorpionMK37Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Vega is so awesome
Nuka-the-Goofy's avatar
Looks like a Wolverine/Edward Elric rip-off. :|

Good thing though? I like both of those characters :B
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Kanji-The-WandererStudent General Artist
Very nice.
EmperorKarino's avatar
EmperorKarinoHobbyist General Artist
good job
GameGal101's avatar
HOLD ON!! I thought his eyes were blue! Damn!
And what happened to the snake?
yeahgirl11's avatar
yeahgirl11Student Traditional Artist
Lol, hey, you're right, his eyes are blue! :XD:
GameGal101's avatar
So needless to say I shat briiixxxxxxx when I heard of his Spaniard origins.

A spaniard with brown/blond/dirty blond/ whatever hair with blue eyes :/
yeahgirl11's avatar
yeahgirl11Student Traditional Artist

Well, that's actually not usual. Spain is in Europe after all. :XD: God, if only there was a real man who looked like him, I'd go to jail for rape. LMAO
GameGal101's avatar
YEAH This is a good time to look at this because today I got Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!
:heart: :heart: :heart:
Wouldn't be awesome if DeviantART made a emoticon of Vega with his mask halfway off??
Aakami's avatar
AakamiHobbyist Digital Artist
great! though at first I thought it is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist -.-'
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