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Character Select- Fei Long

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Alvin Lee
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

This is the character select portrait of Fei Long for the upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game coming out on XBox Live and the Playstation network.

We'll have more artwork (and hopefully a release date) for you soon.

Street Fighter and all related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Bruce Lee's legacy goes on.

Long live, Fei Long! WATAAAH!
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i love fei long's theme song in super street fighter IV
Travis2310's avatar
Fei Long is the best!!!!

R.I.P. Bruce Lee
Sonicsage64's avatar
The legend of Bruce Lee lives on with Fei long! And I love this potrait of him.
BustahWolf23's avatar
excellent work,you guys did an out of this world job for the character art in HDR.i was highly impressed.
PhillipQHudson's avatar
this is my gamerpic on xbox live now.
boy i love Fei Long...
u guys rocked this turbo remix out.
DaQuantum's avatar
Doesn't look Asian, looks like hes a Steven Segal fan.
ultimatesol's avatar
I already missed old SF displays :(
shimmyshammy's avatar
A very strong and well presented portrayal of the re-modified version of Fei-Long. The new adaptation of the character through his style is strong and creates a new aura of charm and power. The comic book adaptation is very strong and the addition of firm thick line art and colouring really brings flavour to the design.

There are good potentials that represented here and really is a style that suits the theme of the Street Fighter series.
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Yay! Fei Long rules.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
hey it's bruce lee!
Dieman's avatar
pretty much. such a creative cop-out, imo... <_<
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
but still a justifiable one of course.........better than jonny cage/jean claude!
Dieman's avatar
uggghhhhhhh :noes:
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
yeah YOU KNOW what i'm talking about!
PhantomHourglass's avatar
COOL. He looks like Bruce Lee!
dragoonx77's avatar
Awesomeness, just awesomeness.
diligo's avatar
Is that pixel art? Whether or not it is it's still really vibrant and good!
UdonCrew's avatar
It's being used in the actual video game so in a way it is "pixel art", but high definition games are a high enough resolution that it's basically the same as most illustrations.
smilie-terrorist's avatar
Nah, it's not pixel art. But I agree, it is really vibrant! Nicely coloured :D
erimocard's avatar
I simply love Feilong.
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