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Character Select- Dhalsim

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Alvin Lee
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

This is the character select portrait of Dhalsim for the upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game coming out on XBox Live and the Playstation network.

Capcom has announced a Beta version of the game that you can participate in if you purchase Commando 3 coming out on XBox Live.

We'll have more artwork (and hopefully a release date) for you soon.

Street Fighter and all related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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covefiel's avatar
thats just your dad in his pass life :D
luis123412's avatar
yoga fire yoga flame dhalsim from street fighter 2 dhalsim vs bison
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
Dhalsim doesn't need bones to beat everyone.
goodmanclothing's avatar
my favorite character from all of them! actually i m about to go play a little lmao. !
TheGreen7's avatar
my fav character :)
DaDude9211's avatar
Mah favorite Street Fighter char. :D
DeDani's avatar
yeah Dhalsim rocks!!!
Scorpion-MK's avatar
bogmonster's avatar
wow. just awesome.
ColdBaller's avatar
I used to play street fighter when I was kid. Can't wait to get my hands on an emulator to play it again. Great work by the ways.
AnimeKoneko242's avatar
One of my favorite characters. I'm definitely checking this out.
powerman2000's avatar
not a personal fav of mine...but he was one of the top used characters in tournaments of marvel vs capcom 2
Marduk01's avatar
Yoga Flame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
axenblade's avatar

Dhalsim ftw.
BlueMillenium's avatar
For me it's Dhalsim so... great stuff :D
scar11's avatar
i played sf on my psx a few years ago... i love that game
aakkittoo's avatar
dhalsim XD ... XD this wonderful!
Vejaybejay's avatar
miss those times---
shawnaize's avatar
lol.. i always love your street fighter art.
CoolVaizard's avatar ever, i wish i could draw like that.
MegaMan007's avatar
Yep, the one and only Dhalsim. Excellent work.
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