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In the spirit of Halloween, a piece with all the customary ingredients. 

Other deviations:
A Series Of Almosts by udnaan  Amused by udnaan  Well Collected by udnaan  Just Because by udnaan  Outdated by udnaan  Cargo by udnaan 
Reference: Witch Stock
Found this beauty and decided to engage in some practice. I think I made her wink a little. Still not so bad for half an hour, eh?

Other deviations:
The girl in the street - Part 1"Oi!" The voice was gay and held a piercing excitement rare enough to make him freeze at the spot.
He turned in search of the source and easily found it as one finds highlighted words in a paragraph.
The girl had a proud posture and stood erect holding her waist as if it would run away if she didn't.
Her face was colored by an unfazed eagerness that matched the one in her voice.
"I know you, don't I?" The pulsating living energy in her voice, made him feel a sudden dryness in his throat.
"Do you?" He eventually responded after an unusually long pause.
"Yes! I have read your stories." She clamored and he noticed that her voice was unusually loud for the petite frame and even more unusual was her unbridled confidence in it's use.
"All of them?" He inquired monotonously.
He watched as her face slowly contorted with amusement with a feeble attempt to control it and then she burst into a laugh.
He decided that he liked her quite a lot since anyone able to experience such an uncontrollable j
  Chapter 1 - The End is the beginning - Part 1The slumbering figure turned in a quest to find escape from the intruding light.
She moaned and puckered her eyelids but the light continued to seep unflinchingly from a thin crease left open.
After a few twists and rolls, she had almost settled on her sunken belly, steadying the posture with a folded knee with her face safely tucked under the quivering shoulder.
She was about to sink back into the dreamless sleep when an idle wonderment caught her attention.
She felt exerted beyond acceptance as if she had walked a long distance but conversely, there was also a lingering sense of unease, something that clutched at her subconsciousness demanding her attention; something important that was forgotten.
The warm comfort of the bed was intoxicating but perhaps she could wait a bit longer.
Even though, as she began to ponder, a sinking feeling made her feel as if it might be better if she didn't have to remember whatever it was at all.
It was something that had happened, not something that s
  Chapter 1 - The End is the beginning - Part 2She sat lazing in a kneeling posture but her mind was alert.
The anguish had only lasted a handful of moments and had ended with the swift conclusion to not give it any significance more than a freak accident that she had survived.
She was alive and that was enough for now; which left the niggling question of how and who had rescued her.
After debating the possibilities, sorting them in order, top being most heroic and bottom being most likely to be true, and trimming away the redundant, she came upon 3 hypothesis.
She may have crawled to safety; safety being across the border a mile or so further down from where she had fell.
But then recalling the condition she had been in, she had to disembark it to bottom of the list.
A knight in a shining but as in yet undiscovered-metallic (or similarly exotic) armor may have swooped down, fighting off the baddies, carrying her to safety; optionally using the flying stallion's (or space-ship) as transport.
Only that even after barring the glaring
  Orange Hair by udnaan  Cyber Punk Girl by udnaan  Hopeful by udnaan 
Orange Hair
Something quite different that I'm trying out. Water colors. Feels patchy (no pun intended) around the edges but can't beat the combination of orange hair and lingerie. What do you think? 

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Lengthening shadow
It started as a portrait angle study but turned into something quite different. I kind of like how it turned out. What do you think?

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The Dress by udnaan  Cyber Punk Girl by udnaan  Hair here by udnaan  Shortcut by udnaan  Hopeful by udnaan  Well Collected by udnaan 
Bronze Birthday Fireworks!
My entry for Deviant Art's Birthday Celebration! Nothing celebrates better than fireworks. What do you think?

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A Series Of Almosts by udnaan  Cyber Punk Girl by udnaan  Shadows Of Being by udnaan  In The Open by udnaan  Torn by udnaan  Hopeful by udnaan 
A Series Of Almosts
Blonde streaks exposed to bright light are a weakness of mine. What's yours?

Inspiration taken from Here

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Summer Beach-pants by udnaan  Cyber Punk Girl by udnaan  Shadows Of Being by udnaan  Amused by udnaan  Just Because by udnaan   Attentive by udnaan  
Summer Beach-pants
I know. She isn't wearing any. Just something done in the spirit of summer.

It feels more on the surrealistic side than my usual pieces, still I like it. What do you think?


Cyber Punk Girl by udnaan  Shadows Of Being by udnaan  Amused by udnaan  Attentive by udnaan   Hopeful by udnaan  Masquerade by udnaan 


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