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guidance, a warm place



listen to ♪>>[link]

"this is the path...the path that will reunite us for sure.
.... under the guidance of Rukh"

Thanks for answering the poll!:iconteamoplz: I had a hard time deciding between Magi and Vivi arc..but in the end I'll draw Vivi also LOL //OTL/nomorerandompollsIswear
please full view or download for the staaaaryyyyy skyyyyyyy :icontearplz: I even tried calm colours for once...:stare:

I LOVE THOSE THREE SO MUCH :heart:. and I really like Morgiana :love:(I rarely like any female lead characters) because of her strong and lovely legs!<3
I hope you like it....:hug:

I hate to write it here but : Commissions open! Please help us pay this month & next month's rent! :iconsadnessplz:
Money Commissions Open! m(_ _)momg ahahahahahahaaaa Paypal YOU COMPLICATED THINGY YOU! :iconyunomemeplz: I guess it's resolved but I don't know if I completely understood that 'request money' button. Ain't I smart.:iconwthsparklesplz: EDIT : We really need money to pay the rent, if not things will get pretty bad if we don't in 2 months. Also we have to think about my grandma which is in a hospital. Every commission is greatly loved and drawn with lots of care.:heart: :blowkiss: THANK YOU SO MUCH and read carefully please ; ) !! :blowkiss: ~~~~~~~~ Digital only, through Paypal. (CAD) :bulletred: INFO : - I don't draw hentai/porn/ explicit content, although soft BL and Yuri is ok. - I can try drawing almost anything you'd want, although subjects I haven't tried yet will take a bit longer. - I DON'T take fanart as commissions, but random humans/OC's are very welcome! ; ) - NOTE : I don't calculate on headshot/fullbody/ etc. YOU have to mention if you want halfbody or less. Otherwise

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Oh, those blues and purples, what a sky! Truly magical.