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July 30, 2013
[SAI...tutorial ? ] How I colour Things by *uchuubranko is the tutorial to go if you want an informative, easy-to-follow and helpful guide to improve your colouring technique! Learn how to add special effects to the background to make your character blend in! A must read!
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[SAI...tutorial ? ] How I colour Things

If you found these helpful, you can support me by buying me a coffee so I can make much more! Love>>
I will always make tutorials for free.

        I Do NOT own Ayanami Rei, the character! It just happened to be her! XD She's from Evangelion

How I colour characters etc...please download if you can't see it/ or it's slow! :iconpinkballoonplz:

I don't know if to call this a tutorial, so I couldn't settle between "I'm doing like this" and "You do like this" phrases XD

:happybounce: check out this tutorial for SAI TOOLS if you are a beginner with the program >> Tool Settings Tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by MaakuCat
:happybounce: feel free to ask, I'd be glad to clarify something :hug:
:happybounce: feel free to share on websites/etc
:happybounce: crediting if you reference isn't obligatory but appreciated :heart: :tighthug:
:happybounce: it's my way of colouring, you're not obligated to follow sit strictly/ do it like you would do it and help yourself from some parts :nod:
:happybounce: please don't modify, remove credit and / or crop this tutorial

I hope it will help someone....maybe? :iconimsotiredcryplz:

starry sky tutorial : SAI : Starry Sky Tutorial by uchuubranko ; original drawing : faint smile by uchuubranko ; if you want to colour the line : Ayanami Rei - Line by uchuubranko (please don't make it like this ^ :giggle: )

like an alpaca~ :iconlazepacaplz:
I hope you have a wonderful week everyone!! :iconlisbethhugplz:

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ULTRAWONDERFUL :iconrydi1689: FOR THE DD! :iconohfuckgrandpaplz: :icontearplz: thank you so much for all the support as well! :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint:

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flamehunter742's avatar
Wow, that's actually really helpful. Thank you!
MintyGold's avatar
I love this tutorial! But I'm wondering, even though you used the brush with 100% opacity while shading the skin, what did you use to blend the shading together?
uchuubranko's avatar
The brush tool :'D I zoom in intensively, then softly shade the skin with the same tool while choosing in-between colours. :w00t:
brush settings :…
MintyGold's avatar
Oh, alright! Thank you! OwO
Huskylovemlp's avatar
what did you use to make this?
I'm curious. I wanna make one but I dunno what to use.
uchuubranko's avatar
? I made this tutorial in photoshop, the drawing is made in SAI,
and currently I use clip studio paint :meow:
uchuubranko's avatar
I will leave your comment there because I'll probably forget otherwise. ^^;

so would be a "how to make things glow in 3 styles" be somewhat close to your question? There are many ways to shade shiny things, including airbrush, brush, pen.....and colour theories.
It sounds interesting, i will give it a try! :3
HikariCotta's avatar
Yes, that would be great, Thank you ^^

And would also help alot. I finally got my complete version of SAI so i'm still learning how to use all those new tools.

There are many coloring tecniques that i dont know(i learned how to paint starry skies/space and clouds from you ^^ ) but glowing effects have always been an alien techique for me and when i saw your painting style, i fell in love completly.

I'll be waiting then ^^  again, thank you *hugs*
HikariCotta's avatar
I have a question and i've been struggling with this for along time.

I have yet to learn how to make glowy things( i know that for that its used the "luminosity" layer), but i'd like to know how to paint glowy stuff, glowing auras and even glowing skies/suns/sunsets with those shiny lines.

Could you make a tutorial on that please? If it isnt too much to ask ^^;
ChiefyWiffy's avatar
What is your canvas resolution?
uchuubranko's avatar
it really depends. For printing purposes I work in A4 or Letter (300dpi) I might choose a bigger size if I want to print bigger papers.

for sketches and doodles anything around : 1200px-3000

0sankarea0's avatar
why color getting on the outlines ? every time i color something in a diff layer the color hiding the lines 
TheCookieBunny's avatar
Make sure your coloring layer is below the outline?
how do you blend the colors? becuase i dont undrstand the part where you said that you need to add shading tone to the hair
silverheart-nine's avatar
Awesome! This could be very helpful, thanks! :heart:
L-u-n-e's avatar
What a beautiful tutorial! I do have one question, though. How do you clean up the lines after adding the first shade?
uchuubranko's avatar
Thank you! :) I don't clean up the lines, I leave them on their layer and just colour and shade on another layer. :?
L-u-n-e's avatar
Oh, that makes sense! Thank you!
Rydhox2's avatar
Thanks that will be very helpful for me as a Rookie Artist :D
may i know your the settings u used for the brush and pen tool when u did this?? hehe bc when i followed your tutorial, it came out rly different and blended quq
JHuts's avatar
your tutorials are awesome!
I'm using a mouse I don't understand why you colored her orange at first?

Is that for shading? I don't get this at all
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