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SAI : Starry Sky Tutorial

By uchuubranko
If you found these helpful, you can support me by buying me a coffee so I can make much more! Love>>
I will always make tutorials for free.

I'm so sorry for my Engurishuuu really omg :iconomgcryplz:

SAI : Starry Sky Tutorial by uchuubranko SAI : How I draw clouds by uchuubranko [SAI...tutorial ? ] How I colour Things by uchuubranko One Layer Colouring [SAI Tutorial] by uchuubranko
I'm definitely not good at explaining things :iconcryforeverplz: but still I hope it helps somehow....:iconoelplz:
- Feel free to ask questions! :happybounce: I'll do my best in answering what I know.
- It's not a tutorial suited for beginners with SAI, but if you still want to try, I suggest to search first a tutorial that explains the SAI TOOLS well such as : Tool Settings Tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by MaakuCat
- I'm just showing the way I draw stars in SAI, there sure are more ways, and you're not obligated to follow it strictly! *U*
- I'd appreciate linking back something you drew using this tutorial, but it's not obligatory. :thanks::heart:

I'm sorry for that ugly star appearing there and there, I had to draw it. I HAD TO. :iconpapmingplz:

thanks so much for looking! :hug::love:

my starry skies :dummy:
w a r s by uchuubranko guidance, a warm place by uchuubranko no Heaven by uchuubranko far away from land by uchuubranko ano sora e, kono sora e by uchuubranko
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You're amazing, that's that. <3

Blondythedragon's avatar
Thank you so much for the help!
I always struggle with stars, I never thought it could be done just making dots, so thank you for teaching me that there is indeed a way :D
Lunarkat73109's avatar
Omg thank youu! it would have ruined my artpiecee
AmiKureiji's avatar
thanks a lot for the tutorial , it helped me a lot ! 

Alone in space by AmiKureiji
Lucyhako's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I made this thanks to you ^^

Tali'zorah Mass effect Wallpaper.
DreamerFoxness's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial! :la:

[OC]Nightsky by DreamerFoxness
AmazingSundae's avatar
nice tutorial!! i'll try it out sometime
Shadowgirlfan's avatar
nice tut. I wished I'd understand english better... D':
uchuubranko's avatar
aww, sorry :'( If there's anything unclear you can let me know. 
RoseyRoxs's avatar
Very helpful and easy to follow! Used here:
Falling through Space by RoseyRoxs
AkiraNekochan's avatar
The-French-Guy's avatar
Very helpful tutorial ! Merci ! I did this work thanks to you :

  Stars by The-French-Guy
Mikilla's avatar
omg thank you so much!
envandrare's avatar
Thank you very much! Now i can draw starry sky :D
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Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right  Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - rightRainbow Bunny -  F2U Iconthank u very much -F2U- Sleep Mask   
Digijun's avatar
Test:Space by Digijun  
Even thou i broke some rules it still came out great (atleast in my opinion)
thanks for the tutorial ^-^
stargazingjedi's avatar
Galaxies by r0guejedi
Thank you so much for this honestly!!! It helped me draw my first space scene! Definitely will use it in the future!
UnholyMoonAngel's avatar
No matter what I do, I can't figure out how to do that cross-shaped shine for the big stars. How do you shape it?
uchuubranko's avatar
I just drew an X then blurred its ends with the blur tool. :confused: Maybe you can show me screenshots of what goes wrong?
UnholyMoonAngel's avatar
Wait, just the ends? That might be what was going wrong, I blurred the entire X. I'll try again and see how it goes.
uchuubranko's avatar
the ends of the sides of the lines...of the X :XD: amg, I can't word it. Basically both sides of each line. Try using a small size blur tool :3
UnholyMoonAngel's avatar
I...guess this is a little better? Maybe?…
How should I add color to these?
uchuubranko's avatar
it looks good, yes :)
to add colour I just lock the layer and colour the X :nod:
UnholyMoonAngel's avatar
Several efforts later...
I think it's looking good. Thanks for the help.
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