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SAI : How I draw clouds

If you found these helpful, you can support me by buying me a coffee so I can make much more! Love>>
I will always make tutorials for free.

I mis-remembered the poll results and made the cloud tutorial...:stare: I'm sorry, colour effects will be the next one...!! :iconstaredanceplz:


:happybounce: check out this tutorial for SAI TOOLS if you are a beginner with the program >> Tool Settings Tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by MaakuCat
:happybounce: feel free to ask, I'd be glad to clarify something :hug:
:happybounce: feel free to share on websites/etc
:happybounce: crediting if you reference isn't obligatory but much appreciated :heart: :tighthug:
:happybounce: you're not obligated to follow this strictly, do experiment with your way as well :love: :heart:
:happybounce: please don't modify, remove credit and / or crop this tutorial :aww:

I must write this here too : amazing thanks to my friend who stayed with me and made me laugh like a retard while I drew the clouds. :glomp:
more clouds >> the sky has promised us.... by uchuubranko dokomademo by uchuubranko m o o n p a t h by uchuubranko

other tutorials >> [SAI...tutorial ? ] How I colour Things by uchuubranko SAI : Starry Sky Tutorial by uchuubranko Colour and Contrast by uchuubranko

wish you a great weekend everyone! :tighthug:
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Vallleea's avatar
Hey, your tutorial is awesome and I know I'm a little late...but I can't make the tutorial right and I think it's because of the settings of my brush...
Do you mind gaving me the settings of your brush (like the diluation, blending etc..) or maybe do you use a special brush for this?
Thank you,
You're amazing! :D
Volatile-Salad's avatar
Hi, where can I download the brushes you used on this tutorial?
uchuubranko's avatar
Hello, the brushes used here are all within Paint tool sai. Stringy_L is the brush shape I used. :)
CamoLizzy's avatar
Amazing tutorial! I used to be so scared of cloud but it's so easy and quick to do now- Cheers!
Magicwaterz16's avatar
Thank you for this. I've been relying Photoshop's cloud filter to make clouds but this one makes it so much better.
uchuubranko's avatar
- are you drawing the clouds on a separate layer? if yes, try brushing on the same layer with the sky : D
- brush settings:…
UnholyMoonAngel's avatar
I was, in fact, brushing on another layer. Guess it's time to combine them!
uchuubranko's avatar
yay! if you want to restart the clouds and can't because they're on the sky layer, you could duplicate the sky layer. before anything... just in case XD
Miiraa77's avatar
Thats a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much. I already used it on my new artwork
cyborghyena's avatar
Very sweet, thank you! :)
sailorgirl10's avatar
this is really helpful! thanks! really love the look <3
HouTakoyaki's avatar
Thanks for making this tutorial
It very helping :D!!
beautiful clouds, nice explanation
EnderDragonXfire's avatar
Plantaplants's avatar
minityrant's avatar
this is the type of tutorial ive been hunting for, thank you!
Rhose-chan's avatar
I used your tutorial in my drawing, thank you so much <3…
Copperlight's avatar
Siriously... I searched... for more then a year... and finally, - *sob* - I found you and this awesome tutorial... this is exactly what I searched for ;;v;; thank you so much :heart:

I will draw clouds now until I die.
tegarsetyawan32's avatar
Amazing :o ... its very useful ,thank you XD
Jkat2's avatar
What if I 'm not trying to go for an artsy cloud look?
uchuubranko's avatar
....for example? :?
Jkat2's avatar
Like clouds in "Steven Univers" for example
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