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Espada Meeting :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 1
Vampire and Werewolf Insults by UchihaKnight19
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Vampire and Werewolf Insults :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 16 4
Mom and Friend by UchihaKnight19 Mom and Friend :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 0 Any Other Tricks? by UchihaKnight19 Any Other Tricks? :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 1 0 DAMN CAT!!! by UchihaKnight19 DAMN CAT!!! :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 3 2
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Son of Darkness 10 :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 1 0
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Son of Darkness 8
Malek, still burning with rage, had arrived at the Akatsuki hideout. He knew he had to swallow his pride and ask for their help if he had any chance of saving Teah.
"OPEN UP!" Malek roared, banging on the door. "GOD DAMMIT! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!"
The door opened, revealing Itachi Uchiha.
"It's been a while, kid." He said, placing his hand on Malek's shoulder. "To what do we owe this visit?"
"I need your help." Malek told him.
"Come inside, you can inform us over a cup of coffee." Itachi said.
~Later, with all the members~
"So, what's going on this time?" Kisame asked.
"Someone's kidnapped my partner and I'm hunting her down now." Malek explained. "She's a lot stronger than me and I don't think I can beat her myself."
"Ooooooh." Hidan's attention was snared. "Sounds like fun, I'm in!"
"We're in too!" Everyone else declared.
"Thanks, guys." Malek said, wiping away a single tear. "Get yourselves ready, because we're leaving tonight."
~That night, with Chihiro~
"Play that funky music, Blood
:iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 0


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It's been a while since I've submitted something. To be honest, I want to submit an entire new piece of pony fan fiction.

My current idea is to create my own humanoid version of Equestria, and then get sent there by one of my friends.  I use the word "humanoid" because the only character that will be human are former earth ponies.  Every other race on the show becomes a different fantasy race possibly including...

-Terranda, based on the earth ponies, are a race of humans. Terranda traditionally have played the largest role in agriculture. Due to lack of magic and flight abilities, Terranda tend to have more muscular strength and slightly higher bone density than the other two races.
-Petrassi, based on the pegasi, are a race of Seraphs. They have a sort of sixth sense centered on weather patterns, and are capable of flight due to their wings. Petrassi have wings on their backs, which they use to fly. Certain Petrassi, due to their heightened capabilities and immense potential, are most often drafted into the flight team known as The Wonderbolts. A common term for Petrassi is "Aviators", originating from their ability to fly.
-Urihaan, based on the unicorns, are the elves of the world. They are capable of using magic. Certain Urihaan individuals are capable of stronger and more varied magic than others. It is a Urihaan tradition to wear pierce one's ears, as it is believed that earrings help to focus and enhance the individual's magical ability. Exceptionally talented Urihaan have the opportunity to enroll in Starswirl Academy for Gifted Elves. A common term for the Urihaan, as implied by their magical prowess, is "Mages".
-Zaulia, based on the Zebras, are a race of warrior-esque shamans who make their home in jungle areas. Most notable is their skin, which varies between dark and light, and sports zebra-esque stripes. Another thing to note is that many of them tend to speak in rhymes.
-Ascendant, based on the alicorns, are Demigod mages that sport the same ears as the ponies from the show, as well as the same wings. The term Ascendant refers to an order of intelligent god-like beings of exceptional power, originating from the Realm of the Titans, an ancient empire over thousands of years dead. The Ascendants were all once mortals, who underwent a transformative ritual that granted them immortality and god-like powers in order to safeguard their nation in its darkest hours.
-Aerios, based on the Griffons, are a race of harpy-like creatures similar to the Rito. They have rounded ears like humans, feathers for hair and powerful, retractable wings. Most Aerios let their wings dangle like "sleeves" out from under their clothes when they are not flying. However, some Aerios do not have this trait. When they do fly, their arms and "sleeves" transform into one set of wings. Their feet also turn into talons, which they use to carry things. They tend to be brash and self-centered, though of course every Aerios is their own individual. It is more common to see Aerios-human relations being struck with Petrassi than either of the other two races.
-Kor, based on the Buffalo. Much like their MTG counterparts, they are a race of humanoids. They are warriors by reputation, feared and respected in the countries they inhabit. The Kor, as we've thus far seen hold the following looks: grey or white skin, slightly pointed ears, and somewhat elongated skulls. Male Kor have small barbels hanging from their chins. Like their Zendikari cousins, the Kor of Aetulia live a sparce and nomadic existence. They travel mercilessly light, carrying with them only the essentials, valuing the portability of individual skill and strength of character over more "static" virtues. Despite their constant motion, the Kor revere locations in a deep sense. They travel in small bands along one of several pilgrimage routes, visiting dozens of sacred sites across the land.
-Veil, based on the Changelings. They are shown to be human-esque creatures that resemble human/bugs hybrids and have the ability to change their appearance into any other form presented to them at any time. In their true forms, they bare didactyl claws in place of feet, tridactyl claws in place of hands, vampire fangs, and their eyes are blue-ish and bulging like an insect, yet a yellow orb could be seen from behind the blue, like it was the pupil of the eye, with the exception of "Royal Veils", who have green eyes with slit-shaped pupils of a darker green.
-Dwarf, based on the Diamond Dogs. Dwarves are a short, stocky race, a little shorter than other human races but much broader and heavier. Most Dwarves had thick, luxuriant beards in which they took great pride, and often forked or braided them and tucked them into their belts. They seem to have favored simple durable clothing, colored hoods and heavy cloaks for traveling, and belts of gold or silver. For battle their soldiers would have elaborately crafted armor and helmets, bearing various angles and styles that were trademarks of Dwarven crafting styles. Their armor was masked with symbols (after the manner of those used in forges for shielding the eyes) that were hideous to look upon.

Most other things remain the same (dragons stay dragons, minotaurs stay minotaurs, ect), and many of the species are still there, but most of them are mere animals (some dragons, equines, griffons, ect).

Cutie marks still exist for humanized ponies, and follow the same basic principles they do in the show. They're located on their left shoulder, just to make them easier to see, and less awkward. Cutie marks are generally received sometime around puberty, though it's not uncommon for a child to receive one much earlier. It is common upon the receiving of the mark for individuals to start including it as a motif in their outfits, either as accessories or custom-designed articles of clothing. Urihaan typically base their magic-enhancing earrings around their cutie mark.


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