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Cosmic Odyssey

Ah another space pic!!! I rethought some of my last ideas from my previous entry, and tried to regrow my original idea. It came out ok, its sort of like some of the other stuff I have done, Im just trying to master the effects I guess :) Well that and everyone likes a good energy beam crashing into a planet. Also Tried something new with the ripple effect. I think I will use this much more in near pieces. Hope you guys like it.
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Does anyone knows a tut for the energy beam?
the colors are astounding!

and the ripple affect is an intesting addition,

althought the planet is being destroyed, its only a ripple in the universe
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all i wanna know is where that beams coming from ;)
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amazing! really brilliant!
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pretty :D
One thing that bugs me: the ripples don't effect the planet, or don't seem to, at the top.
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dreamy colors.
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uhhh.. just love it.. awsome!
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awesome! maybe if the ripple was a bit smaller/faded and it was on the other side of the planet, where the blast is, so it looks like it hit it really fast/hard and it sent ripples through space, still nice though
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Very nice unique design!
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Good composition. The structure is sound. Nicely done U.

-absolute halo-
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Crazy design ucd!!.. Very very nice, the ripple under the planet really adds a great surreal effect to the whole image. :D Very nice energy beam too, the only thing i'd tweak is the planet on the left as its very grainy and does not blend to well into the background.

GJ m8. ;)
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:jawdrop: ARGH! Thats so fantastic and wonderful! I just LOVE your space scenes dude! The Lightning is amazing and the cool water-like effect is awesome! Lovely :+fav:
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Awesome work bro, I really like the effects. I think you're well on your way to mastering the effects. Great Job
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Okay first off i love how your idea has evolved, its alot nicer than the previous attempt.
But i think maybe the background is a bit too busy and the lighting on all the planets does not seem to be uniform. (i know im picky)

But i think if you made the focus the center, while having some more subtle details around it, it would enhance it even more.
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:jawdrop: yes you did it! :clap:
awesome really awesome
does this hav anything to do with my comment on mana scape?

that blast is just great and yes you're right, who doesn't like a nice energy beam? and that one is just so cool
the ripple effect looks really nice :)
lookin forward to see more stuff like that

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very nice bud, very nice, I know your not going for realism so I will spare you the details lol ;) maybe a small idea is to use a bigger brush and less opacity for your nebula, I can see some brush lines ;) also the ripple effect looks a bit like a filter, but thats my opinion so doesnt have to do anything with this pic, I love it, good use of intense colors and the beam is very luvely =P
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I really like how you make those beams look so good!
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just gorgeous my friend...i would have used a darker starfield for better contrast but anyway...this is great art...the beam is justa the ripple effect too...:+fav:
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WHOA! This is awesome. I really like pics like this. Your's really nails what I've been looking for. I love the blue colors. Great work!
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Loving this. Really.

I just notice the hint of green on the ripples that bothers me. :)
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