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Tetsuya Shibaki by ucccoffee Tetsuya Shibaki by ucccoffee
I'm super duper proud of this wow!!! I really love how I did her face (but I hate her body 8( ) Anyway this is my character submission for Furuya-H!! Her name is Tetsuya Shibaka and I love her @u@

Onto the info!

Name: Shibaki, Tetsuya

Nicknames: Tetsu, Suya, Shibakin

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Student: Original

Likes: Reading, Science, Cute phone charms/ Pencil toppers, Easy to grab food, playing internet games (like solitaire and stuff that you get in the applications section)

Dislikes: Taking out the garbage, History, Her clumsy and sloppy nature, alleyways at night, Smelling bad.

Personality: Tetsuya is a shy, sweet girl. She enjoys helping out and volunteers often with her family. She's a smart girl, but has trouble with memorization and is bad at her History classes because she can't memorize names and dates. She's pretty shy but willing to open up to people, but isn't the best at actually starting conversations. She's capable and loves making friends, but isn't very good at initiating the conversation itself. In her free time, she likes to play computer games and read fashion magazines. She's taken to adding little bows or cute watches to her uniform to keep up with the latest trends.

She enjoys being helpful to others and so, has volunteered to be Class Medical Rep and Class Rep. She doesn't mind the normally 'boring jobs' and she thinks of them as a good way to get into college and help her fellow classmates. She, along with her mother father and brother, often volunteer over weekends. She's done so since she was 10 years old and enjoys it. However, she's a pretty big clutz and sometimes does more damage than good if she slips and drops a box of packed clothing or breaks a bowl while serving food to the homeless. She's also inadvertently sloppy and usually has a few wrinkles in her clothes from not hanging them up.

Although Tetsuya is a shy and clumsy girl, she is not a pushover. She knows where she stands and won't allow herself to be bullied or be taken advantage of. She's not aggressive but knows when she's being goofed. Despite all this, she's a standard, "girl you've known for a while but you're not particularly friends with but more of acquaintances with" who's pretty helpful, shy, smart, and perky!

-Bites her nails
-Snacks on things/keeps some sort of snack food with her at times

Testsuya lives out in the suburbs with her mother, father, and younger brother (Mamoru). Her family is lower-middle class but they still work hard and try to do a lot for the community. She's been taught the value of hard work and has been a decent solid B student for her whole school life. She's grown up with friends from the community from getting out a lot despite being a shy kid. She had been around lots of different people and hasn't been very good with expressing herself or talking with them since she didn't know them. Ever since she started Junior High she's been interested more and more with volunteering and taking student council jobs for a college resume since she will likely need a scholarship to attend a college. She wants to get far in life and is a determined worker despite her other aloof traits.

Clubs: Since she wanted to try and expand her interests she decided to apply for the Newspaper Club (that and the student council positions were all filled up!)

Additional Info:
-She enjoys eating and is a little chubby because of that.
-Despite enjoying food, she is bad cook.
-She likes keeping up with trends and fashion and spends time reading fashionable magazines.
-She's a huge sucker for cute things and likes to accessorize
-She likes watching some animes but keeps it on the down low.


And that's Tetsuya! I love her a lot and I hope she makes it!!
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May 9, 2013
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