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Fantroll: Snotra Choeus by ucccoffee Fantroll: Snotra Choeus by ucccoffee
Name: Snotra Choeus (Sno-trah, Co-ee-us)
Age: 6.92 sweeps (15 human years)
Horns: Supposed to be like her symbol and how it curves a top. It's like the top half of her symbol.
Gender: Female
Trolltag: auxiliaryAthenaeum [AA] (Auxiliary means back up and an Athenaeum is a place where records are stored. It's essentially saying she's a back up Library)
Typing Quirk: Shortens a lot things and mixes in lots of rather large words. She shortens things like (b/c, w/e, tbh, etc. ) to save time when talking (she hates to be bothered when she's studying) and she uses lengthy words to impress others when it comes to her knowledge. Doesn't usually capitalize words, as she see's it as a waste of time when writing.
Example: AA: w/e can't you see i have a plethora of work? retire immediately, i need to attend to my oeuvre.
Blood Color: Sage blood (Lighter than olive by a little, but sorta jade looking. Would likely be classified into Jade if not for fancy colors)
Personality: Kinda rude, Pretty Introverted, Shy due to a lack of going out and socializing, Blunt, Has little imagination and doesn't like flighty daydreaming kind of people.
Interests: Reading old Alternian History (i.e law, records, leaders, war, empires etc.), drabbling in some Medicine practicing
Symbol: It was a mark for law/bureaucracy. It's also used in spelling for insert a paragraph. It goes along with her interests in Alternian justice systems and how she types to quickly and probably should make some more paragraphs. (like, she writes all her sentences in one go and types pretty fast)
Fetch Modus: Dewey Decimal Modus: Items are stored in 10 different classes. It's mainly like, based on similarities. Like is it used for fighting? Is it used on yourself (like a hair brush or clothes). It's then given a decimal, stored and you gotta remember it's location/decimal to get it out.
Strife Specibus: 2 Khopesh swords (curved egyptian sabers: [link])(They're like, the two curved ends of her symbol)
Ability: No
Lusus: Owlmom (specifically a Javan Scops Owl. It's a tiny white owl with rather large, feathery wings)
Title: Seer of Void (Seer's must learn to share their wisdom and utilize intuition and guide others. She needs to learn to help people using that information of hers instead of judging people for not knowing. Void is also the aspect of introversion and she's pretty dang introverted.)
Land: Land of Depths and Order (LODAO)
Moon: Prospit
Ancestor: The Opsimath; A young lady who had learned of the worlds awful ways of death and deceit, locked herself away to learn of new things. A new world, a clean world. She focused away from the world she saw and learned of the history of the way things were. She eventually withered away from her seclusion.
Death: Idk, she commits suicide by cutting herself in half with a sword. For what reason, I haven't decided yet.

-Snotra and Coeus are gods of wisdom and learning.
-Most other deities that are associated with learning/knowledge are also the god of health/medicine which is a little bit of why I made her interested in medicine
-Owls are animals of wisdom and patience. She's pretty patient unless you're just blatantly stupid and annoying or interrupting her work

Matesprit: [link]

Want a sprite sheet like this one? Want a fan troll but you don't want to make it yourself? I take commissions.
Information is here: [link]
Arty022618 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Student Artist
My bookworm fantroll could be like your fantroll's 2nd best friend.

Amazing character btw, you deserve a free internet pass and hug
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