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Fantroll Naktie Qanadi Re-Vamp by ucccoffee Fantroll Naktie Qanadi Re-Vamp by ucccoffee
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Name: Naktie Qanadi (Nocturnal and Winged in different languages)
Age: 7 sweeps
Horns: Large Bat Ears
Gender: Female
TrollTag: typhloticAccumulator [TA] ( typhlotic is a synonym for blind and accumulator is one who collects)
Typing quirk:
Flips W(w)'s with M(m's) and vice versa
Flips n's with u's and vice versa
Flips A's with V's and vice versa.
Mhat's np?? :>
Blood Color: Olive
Personality: Careful, Quite, Thoughtful, Helpful
Interests: Collecting knick knacks and other odd items, Weaving
Symbol: A bat wing [idea by my friend]
Strife Specibus: She often avoids fighting, and would rather abscond but when coming down to it she uses BatKind. [swarms and swarms of bats fly from her hair. That's why her hair's so big. it's full of bats. I'm not even sorry good bye.] [no but it's just a baseball bat kind of deal. I saw the pun and I took it.]
Ability: N/A
Lusus: Pallidmom; A large bat with 2 sets of wings [two arms with wings and two more arms with wings. 4 whole wings in total] and big teeth.
God Tier: Witch of Hope [She has to learn to stay optimistic and help others without losing Hope, She has understanding and control of Hope]
Land of Rejoyce and Peace [LORAP] [Her quest is to help the inhabitants of her land to find peace in the land after long wars had been fought there. ]
Moon: Prospit
Ancestor: The Partisan; A vigilante who protected the low blood citizens, She strongly believed in The Suffers cause. After his death she was caught and executed by the highbloods for treason. [A partisan is a synonym to protector and also one who believes and supports a cause, person, or party. This is why she believes in the Suffers ideas and himself as well as his party.]
Blindness: "She became blind as a bat"
Bats always return home, always. Except, Pallidmom didn't return. Naktie waited and waited until she was terrified of being culled. So she finally set off on an expedition, to find her lusus. Unfortunately, she was out too long and when the fierce Alternian sun came up, she was rendered blind until her lusus spotted her on it's voyage home and took her home. Then she had to learn the Pallid bats way of listening to the creatures moving around underground to navigate herself around. Other wise she just sits somberly around in her hive weaving sad tapestries of her accident and walking around somberly. She became very secluded and no longer desired to speak to anyone, except for her matesprit. She had lost all hope.
Death: I've had Naktie for nearly a year and I still haven't decided on a Death for her.
♣- Ariesl , Naktie, Ignava
♥- Ignava Dormio
♦- Catahe Nahuel


Naktie was really outdated and I became a lot better at sprite work, so I wanted to revamp her (no pun intended) and refurbish her! So Here she is, the lovely Naktie Qanadi!
SpikeyMacksy Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Her horns must be heavy.
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June 21, 2013
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