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Commission- Rupaka Bisesa by ucccoffee Commission- Rupaka Bisesa by ucccoffee
Name: Rupaka Bisesa ( Rue- packa Biss- ee- uh) (It means pheonix in Bengali)
Age: 6 sweeps
Gender: Female
Trolltag: inperpetumAdventure [iA]
Typing Quirk: Replaces double o's with the infinity sign : g∞d,
br∞ding, etc. Uses eights as eyes for her smiles to also replicate infinty: 8) 8( 8O
Blood Colour: Teal
Personality: Rambunctious, Loud, Brash, Bullish, kinda dumb but good hearted. Drag's her friends on adventures with her despite their protests which leaves her with a lack of friends.
Interests: Fighting, Exploring, FLARPing
Symbol: Infinity (I'm sorry that it's been done to death orz)
Fetch Modus: Reborn: It's two circles put together like her symbol and items are stored starting from the center and they shift every time an item is added. When it can shift no more and it's full, it explodes in flame and all your items are destroyed. It's for the wise explorer and teaches you to pack lightly and only the necessities for your journey!
Strife Specibus: Whipkind
Lusus: Phoenixmom
Title: Rogue of Life ( She needs to learn control while being independent which is the quest for rogues to learn. She is also lively, hence life.)
Land: Land of Zeniths and Henge
Moon: Prospit
Ancestor: The Venturer Sangraha ( A young women who's heart belonged to the unknown. She traveled far and wide and often went on voyages and helped chart maps for others. She and her lusus travled many a planet in their day for the Alternian conquests.)
-Lives up in high mountains (really cold)
-When her lusus is reborn she ties some feathers in her hair every time it happens. So far it's been three (one for each braid and by her ear)

@ tipsyygnostalgic:
Sorry she took a while to get done! I hope you like her!!

This fantroll is only for the use of :icontipsyygnostalgic: Do no use it or her information.
lazydayys Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012


She's really freaking cute, I really like/love her a lot<33

She's just wow, really cute ;0;
ucccoffee Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Ah!! I'm really glad you like her ;v; And again, I'm so sorry I took so long to get back to you!!
lazydayys Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012

Not a problem!!

She's just wow, really way to cute and I seriously love the feather idea<33
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December 12, 2012
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