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Some backstory on the whole competition aspect of this comic.
Spike should win an award for his incredible pep talk abilities and selfless attitude.

Previous: [link]

Find the Z Fighter!
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Thanks for the vote of confidence, Spike. Really. Just taking my confidence and putting it way up there on the top shelf. 
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ShadeWingWARRIORSHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, dbz reference, I knew it XD
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
Why's is Goku here? Did he enter Equestria and was the reason this tournament exists? Because in DBZ, 'Defeat means Friendship'.
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
lol Son Goku XD
also Spike don't underestimate Luna
she is the princess of the might and the night after all (and she can make all of her opponents have nightmares one day before the tournament)
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
No, he does not mean that. He's saying like, "Oh God,  you're so wrecked " but Luna's name in place of God because they're basically Gods in Eqeustria. 
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People are still waiting
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GroxDevlinHobbyist Writer
well, they do say patience is a virtue and what not, the sequel will come, some day, here's hoping it'll happen soon.
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Please tell me that you will do a sequel (even if it suffice to itself) !
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ALexandro22Hobbyist Writer
found it!
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ok this sounds interesting maybe some of us should enter
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Cyan-SkyStudent General Artist
XD we would all be killed XD
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Daxen123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gokus. Friends with Luna and celestia, no wonder they aren't as fazed about pinkies awesomeness as they should be
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Get Rekt Twilight!
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...so she's gonna smoke weed or something?
cause that be interesting to see.
Or is it the OTHER kind of rekt
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Goku is actually a pony adopted by saiyans adopted by humans?

Seems legit
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Is this still going on? Please say yes
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dragino General Artist
fuck off
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It's spam, not an insult. No need to put harsh words into a sentence that could have ended up calm and nice :/

Besides, it's a nice comment, except for the last part.
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ClockblockersHobbyist Digital Artist
9th Panel, no one shall notice.
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