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Let's see how far I can make this thing go before i peter out on it huh?

I've always wanted to try and do some sort of running, multiple-part comic about characters explosively fighting each other, so here goes nothing!

Next: [link]

Note: This comic takes place in the Hotblooded Pinkie Pie universe of Equestria, which can be read about here: [link]
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Interesting build
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TheatricTheoHobbyist Digital Artist
Rainbow dash with all those storm clouds in her back reminds me of that moment in Percy Jackson.
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FireFlame2509Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is spam.
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FireFlame2509Hobbyist Digital Artist
alrighty....sorrry there ._. didn't know if you knew, didn't mean to sound harsh
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ok thanks cuz somone else said itwas and started cusing 
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FireFlame2509Hobbyist Digital Artist
o.o oh dear
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ya it was horrible D:
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... Then why do you continue ?
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Applejack is sharpening her Hokto Shin Ken!
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KristianVasquezHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the scenario here.
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Yay Big Mac talks.
I hope Pinkie doesn't hurt herself too much training.
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That is such a cool training idea for Rainbow and it is all so excellently drawn. 
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There's a whole lotta trainin' goin' on in Equestria, I reckon.
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Yep Pinkie's got this in the bag.
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snowwolf12132Hobbyist Writer
pinkie is practically god so I don't think god needs to train.
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lol leave it to pinkie XD
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xormakHobbyist Digital Artist
Pinkie...you don't have to train...you can break the 4th wall, you are faster than rD, you have more constitution than AJ and you have the deadliest arsenal of Weapons i've ever seen...WHO COULD POSSIBLY STAND AGAINST YOU????
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Well depending on whether or not she's murderous... Pinkamena.
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xormakHobbyist Digital Artist
no depending...it's Pinkie...
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Haven't you ever fought your own Dark Side? I can name a number of fictional characters who have. Pinkamena has less control over the power than Pinkie does so if we're talking about the competition, Pinkie would win.
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xormakHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, but whether it's it's Pinkie or Pinkamena, a normal mortal wouldn't stand a chance^^ that's why i don't care wich one, i would never dare to upset one of them
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Precisely... however if we're talking about ALL characters then Bugs Bunny would be able to put both in the Time Out Corner. But if it's just Ponies then only Discord could come close and that is based on the technicality that he's part Pony.
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