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High Efficiency Derp

Powerful happy fun fun roboto armour! Sugoi desu!
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thought she couldn't get cooler
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Hulkbuster Derpy! Reporting for duty!
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Awesome picture:D she looks funny and adorable.

Phenometron's avatar
Derpy's the best.
AGPokeFan's avatar
I can never not love this~
FeelixDerp's avatar
yay derpy! ^.^
wouldn't she cause more damage with this upgrade
Sunnycat17's avatar
I wish this would show up every time I got an email. =w=
fatalqueef's avatar
derpy delivers ur email... no wonder i got so much spam
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sortta reminds me a bit of the space marine gear from Aliens

Derp over man DERP OVER!!
madman12000's avatar
Enjoy refreshing time! Super robo kawaii derp nesu! MUFFIN POWAHHHHHHHHH!
YoshiArt24's avatar
OMG!Derpy mad look innocent but she's got mad powerhouse!
nemryn's avatar
This is what she was going for on Nightmare Night, she just ran out of time.
YoshiArt24's avatar
and ended up with a paper bag on her head.XD
neutronFG's avatar
my vision is augderped
LingeringSentiments's avatar
Made with the help of Kyoji.

Wow, when they said that reference wouldn't die, IT DIDN'T DIE.
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I dunno what's wrong with me; I thought those were paper bags AND robot armor at first. I like how you used the colors from the paper bags!
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