Hey Artists,

We now have a gallery in our :iconubuntu-artists: where you can submit your artwork if you want it to be included in Ubuntu on the CD. This is an awesome opportunity to get your artwork viewed by millions of Ubuntu users.

Once all submissions are in there will be a selection of the best works, these include art, sound and video, so don't worry if your not a great artist but you do awesome music.

The competition has some rules wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCult… which you'll need to follow and this is how you select the right license in deviantArt: doctormo.deviantart.com/art/Li…

Some thoughts and themes for artwork:

Our mascot for 10.10 is the Maverick Meerkat, we're hoping to get the release out on 10.10.10 (42 in binary if your that geeky) . This is a time of change, and we’re not afraid to surprise people with a bold move if the opportunity for dramatic improvement presents itself. We want to put Ubuntu and free software on every single consumer PC that ships from a major manufacturer, the ultimate maverick move. We will deliver on time, but we have huge scope for innovation in what we deliver this cycle.

We have plenty of room to shake things up a little. Meerkats are, of course, light, fast and social.

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