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My heromachine Character creation contest entry.

djuby’s original bio and description on the character:
Your challenge this week is to design the villainous Manx. Trained from childhood by the original master burglar The Manx, he or she took on the mantle following the death of the mentor. In addition to a utility belt loaded with gadgets perfected by the original Manx, this incarnation brings a useful and deadly addition to the arsenal: two sets of retractable claws; one crafted from Titanium and the other, a razor sharp diamond tipped set, both used with deadly precision.

My added bio to the character:
Felix Laine is a tech savvy engineer, master at stealth, and expert hand-to-hand combatant. He took up the mantle of the Manx by finding the previous Manx’s hidden suit, gadgets, and stash that were left upon the previous Manx’s death. He only wanted a worthy person to continue his legacy, so he created a puzzled quest with traps along the way to test only the most skilled of people.

Felix upgraded the suit with retractable claws on both feet and hands. His special addition being the diamond tipped claws on his hands, which allow him to climb and cut through a majority of surfaces. His helmet is able to trace substances, have x-ray and thermo vision, enhance sounds, and give excellent vision in darkness.

He has a multitude of gadgets: grappling gun, retractable grappling wrist cannon, and an upgraded tracking/computer system he wears on his wrist complete with an EMP and hacking abilities. His boots allow him extra agility, jumping power, and easy landing.

There’s no task The Manx can’t complete silently. He usually leaves a scratched out “M” as a calling card.

-Please don’t use my picture, character, or story without my permission-
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I liked the design of utility harness you wrapped around him. The EMP thing sounds cool as well. And he'd scratch M as a calling card. Pretty nice.