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Dr Gemini

Character Creation Contest entry for Heromachine

djuby’s original bio/description of the character:
Your challenge this week is to design the hero team’s mystic character. A man of unknown origin, he also counsels the team, offering wisdom and spiritual guidance. (Think Dr, Fate crossed with Dr. Strange). His powers include flight, telekinesis, and the ability to transport himself to different timelines. He can also conjure “neuro-orbs”; small orbs that when broken emit a neuromuscular blocker that renders his opponent immobile, but completely aware, for a short period of time. He wears a helmet that protects him from Dr. Epoch’s neurological manipulations, a power he can pass onto his allies through touch.

My added bio to the character:
Place the helm of Gemini and gain knowledge, power, and wisdom beyond the most wildest of dreams. You gain the experience and talents of all those who have been worthy enough the wear the helm, becoming brothers in the mystic multiverse.

-Please don’t use my picture, character, or story without my permission-
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A great piece of art and a fine character design!

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Didn’t win the contest though :(. I’ve thought about remaking me, but I feel Dr Strange and Dr Fate, Dr Fate especially, aren’t appreciated enough already, so another Dr of the arts isn’t something to do right now!

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