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Merely Players - A Fantasy Anthology


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Merely Players - A Fantasy Anthology


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BO'H - Chapter 01 - Unsavory Types

It had been a good day, all things considered. My royalty checks had finally reached me, my engineer back at the docks had finally finished installing a new set of gasbags on the airship, and best of all, my contacts had finally gotten back to me with a new lead. Something that they claimed could put my money worries behind me for a long, long time. The smile under my beard could not possibly have gotten any wider. And so, I did what any normal man would do on such a delightful evening: I found the nearest pub and bought everybody a round. I’m Flint, but a lot of folks know me as Blast O’Hammond, dwarven globetrotter, tomb raider

Blast O'Hammond - First Draft

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Kawmo The Sharpshooter (Commissioned Artwork)

Commissioned Artwork

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The Teicna Files 00 - What is Teicna?

    Welcome to the World of Teicna! In this prologue, I’m going to be covering the setting as a whole, what its themes and goals are, and the sorts of hot-button issues that someone could be expected to run into if they were to use the setting for a tabletop RPG or other such game. This is, in effect, an elongated ‘Elevator Pitch’ of the world, its major systems, and the reasons why I find it so compelling. If you’d rather dive right into the setting from the perspective of a history student, feel free to skip straight on into the series proper!    While I’m writing this incredibly late into the development of t

The Teicna Files

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Hidden in Plain Sight (NaNoChaMo)

    A small, lizard-like woman sat in her usual corner of the tavern, shrouded in darkness, tucked safely between two stone walls with a solid table in front of her. Along with the half-finished plate of steamed buibui legs and several emptied glasses of alcohol, the enclosure made her feel secure. And security was a hard thing to come by in Sur’Dhanza, especially for someone like her.    Nia was a reekin, though it was likely no one around her was aware. In most people’s minds, reekin were vile little monsters who raided trading caravans and stole from granaries. They were pests at best, legitimate threats in dire need of exterm

Teicna Tales

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The Gods of Teicna - An Overview

    Shortly after the creation of the world, the four elemental Gods were born: Malephesh the Earth Lord, Ignis the Eternal Flame, Vespis the Divine Zephyr, and Dalensh the Guardian of the Waves. As mortals rose up to take roles as gods in their own right, Ignis, driven mad with fear and doubt, struck down several mortal-born deities and had to be snuffed out herself. Dalensh decided that he was more enamored with the mortal world than what his own had become, and so he relinquished his power to wander the world as an immortal spectator. Malephesh, for his part, became greedy and paranoid of mortal-borns seeking to steal his immense power. As

The Gods of Teicna

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The Teicnan People - Introduction

        Up until now, when I've written about the various races of the world, it's been in broad, unfocused strokes, bouncing between their ancient history, modern problems, and random tidbits of information. This is all well and good, particularly when I can devote an entire post to a group of people and really dive into the aspects that interest me most. However, it also leaves a lot of holes. Some holes I notice, when I ignore elements for being uninteresting or simply following logically from more unique aspects of a culture. Others are spawned from my own knowledge of my creations, however, meaning I know the answers to pressing question

The Teicnan People

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