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Hellion Eruption



MTG - Rise of the Eldrazi
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Excellent use of color and tone to evoke an otherworldly atmosphere. You can see this is especially well done in the blending of colored areas on the far right, and in the misted / haze areas through the horizon and the middle area where the creatures are. In general, this makes the lighting believable (the light source isn't "fighting" with the atmospheric tone.

Details in the monsters are also revealed appropriately - by degrees of atmospheric differences on the left one, and also by lighting by the closer one (if that makes sense).

Overall layout and use of space is also excellent (squint and look at the forms).

The only area where I see room for improvement is the treatment of the human figures, which could have a better "rag doll" treatment in the sense of origin and direction (they need to suggest movement in 3d space better). Id also suggest the "toss up and catch them" be rethought as that's suggestive of tossing popcorn.