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Achenar wants you

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Boredom, procrastination, MS Paint, and finals week fast approaching leads to...um...well, this.

He does. Because it's *whispers* the PLAN.
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PaperclipPlatypusHobbyist General Artist
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UinenFirestarHobbyist General Artist
Oh, but I've just GOT to be a part of this... got.. TO be! :crazy: Very cute.
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Hey Lutra, it's only_achenar_lover!
Love this pic for obvious reasons.
And yes it was all because of the plaaaaan. Sirrus's plaaaaaan!
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ooh hey dude! Now you too are here in the madness that is...all of us crazy Myst fans on DA XD Thanks for the fave!
it's...the plaaaan
that never gets old...and I can never say it the normal way now either :P
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Haha, yeah! And paaaaaaaadlocks. When ever I hear that I say it that way and everyone looks at me strange! XD
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LOL I do that too XD Ah, the strange things that we Myst people end up doing.
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XD yesss...!
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^_^ thanks for the fave! yeah this is what boredom and college does to you, haha. And an excess of Revelation.
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He... wants me? O.O

*runs very fast and far*

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Yes. He does. Be afraid. I am, too, since I'm the one who purposefully never pulls the right lever/waits too long because I like the bad endings :mwahaha:
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LOL :rofl:

Oh, I do not call this 'improductive' ! XD

Tariam is right- it's priceless ;)
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
Good old...crazy Achenar.

Ah, I know well this procrastination of which you speak.:D
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Yeah...I could be doing something productive, but...I'm not...
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Yeah, yeah, you could be... I dunno... writing!!!! *hint hint hiiiint*
*walks away* :D
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Heh...I really should...well, finals week begins and after that I'm on break, so maybe then ;) Are you going to write anything more?
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He he he... guess? :mwahaha: but I'm awfully slow, so I don't post until I'm at least half done, generally...
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TariamOfThePezHobbyist General Artist

OMG, this is PRICELESS!!!

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