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I am trying to be more active on dA. Really. I am. Just... not on this account.

I have opened another (again...) where I will post photos and art and whatevers. This account will remain for if I happen to draw any comics or something (which, btw, I have begun again... kinda. I've been working on my characters and drawing and whateversnesses.)

So, if you is interested: asilkceb.deviantart.com/

That's about it.

If you happen to be curious as to why I am kind of quitting this account it is because a) my inbox is bursting
and b) because some of the art in my gallery... well, I'm not so proud of them anymore (and I don't really want to delete them) and this way, too, I have a link to give to people where I don't have to worry about what they.. may.. find. I guess.

I suppose I am done with this now.

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