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Stole this from :iconday-dreamer-101:/:iconubersquish39: because I need to get my mind away from real life.

1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.
7. Tag Three People! (not required, but recommended :3)
9. BONUS: Add some comments about the song you got XD


Opening Credits:
Dead Man's Ballet by Sixx:A.M.

I don't like how this is going

Waking Up:
Live to Rise- Soundgarden

Awww yeah..

First Day At School:
All Rights Removed- Airbag

Long and droning... pretty accurate

Falling In Love:
Carry Me Home- The Hellacopters

Falling in Love with me is listening to an 80s sounding Swedish rock band. Alright

Fight Song:
Ik Ben Niet Bang- Heideroosjes

It won't be a very intense fight it appears..

Breaking Up:
Believe in Me- Fun.

That's a Christmas song...

Bedtime Now- Nephew

STOP IT NO! Lemme explain a bit. This song is really just about being tired. And when I listen to it it makes my brain feel like it's on drugs or something

Life's OK:
Fairytale- Alexander Rybak

:iconfacepalmplz: WHY?!

Mental Breakdown:
Aftenbon- De Eneste To

The album cover is enough to almost spur a mental breakdown.
And this particular mental breakdown would probably consist of some weird rants to myself and sobbing

Mean- Pink

NO. This is not fitting

Ordenspoliti- Nephew


Getting Back Together:
Walk in the Sun- McFly

Why all the slow songs...

Syndir feðranna- Bubbi Morthens

Aww yeah Bubbi

Birth Of Child:
Fieber- Christina Strumer


Final Battle:
Live and Let Die- Guns N Roses

this is more fitting

Death Scene:
5. Marz- Megaherz

not bad

Funeral Song:
Goodbye My Friends- Sixx:A.M.

or rather x.x

End Credits:
What If... -Heideroosjes

ok iPod, whatever.
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that was awesome xD

I love how both of our iPods insist we have Bedtime Now on our life playlists...

and i love how you got like, the most depressing song for your wedding, about a guy whose son kills someone... awesome, but lyrically depressing ;A;
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I am losing the ability to can...

I decided to look up who the guy that's playing Finnick was, because I saw my name and recognized it and wanted to see if it was an actor I recognized and it was and it's that guy that played that priest guy in Pirates 4. That guy. I was okay with them chosing him... there were many rumours of people undeserving.

anyways, I went an decided to look up Castle pictures to have for reference.

And then I decided, later, to narrow the search down to Seamus Dever (who plays Ryan, btw).

And now I can't. I just can't. It's like discovering Tom Hiddleston all over again.

Why are these people so beautiful? It's not fair to the rest of us.
At least they became famous so we can flip out over how beautiful they are.

I also saw many nice pictures of Kate's jackets. I want to steal all of them. They're so nice and amazing.

... i have to give you at least one link.. [link]

Lemme tell you some other unrelated news whilst I wait for more pictures to load.
They are doing all kinds of changes on 92 citi fm. Tom & Joe are gone, as well as Alix Michaels and maybe someone else... but he might be gone from clear. Replacing Tom & Joe are some people from Power 97, and Nesta will be filling Alix's spot.

Ryan stole the remote so no one can switch away from his beautiful face
why would you anyway?

I am not sorry. I can't help myself but I don't care.