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Excuse me while I wipe the dust off my deviantART...

Wow, it has been a while. Who remains on here? Many of the people I know in real life have long since moved to Tumblr, only on the occasion possibly returning to deviantART to see if they have any interesting messages in their inbox and, when they discover that they don't, close the tab and return to tumblr.

Why am I back on here? I dunno. I honestly don't go on tumblr much either. I haven't updated any of them in a month. I am just busy working. I intend to go back to doing more art stuff, but haven't gotten anywhere really.. although I did sell a painting last week for $140. Not bad considering nobody really gives a crap about my work.

Anyway, what I was thinking was I'd move to tumblr since it is a bit easier to keep going regularly-ish... and my inbox doesn't clutter up so fast. So, if you are interested, here's where you may find me on the occasion (I don't know how much, but more than you'd find me here... )

classic-rock-macros.tumblr.com <that is for, as the URL suggests, Classic Rock Macros.
asilkceb.tumblr.com <there you can find my reblogs (but nothing of real importance)
uberkid64.tumblr.com <there you shall find photos and occasionally some drawings or something like that. Not all new, I'll warn you. I also just made it the day I wrote this, so it's pretty empty.

pinartworks.com/uberkid64 <just made on this day, being the 3rd of February 2013 (already..) so.. empty right now. More to come later. Providing things work as planned.

Also, I plan to get a new better better camera soon (better better due to the fact I first had the HP, then the Nikon, and I am currently considering a Canon.
So hopefully I'll get some better pictures. Though I did get some interesting ones back in November that nobody has seen except for my mom. She thinks they're cool, if you are wondering.

At this moment, I shall leave in hopes of making a tumblr that gathers the attention of more than 2 people. Wish me luck.

And, as I always seem to say when I come on here, sorry I haven't been more active.

Sorry. I have to say it more than once. I am Canadian, after all.
....   That is a stereotype that is true. We do apologize a lot. Doesn't matter if we are at fault or even had anything to do with whatever it is that happened, we will usually apologize for it. It's just the Canadian way
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I have followed asilkceb, yes good :D