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2 Lukas woke up, feeling a huge amount of pain from his head. He touched his hand to his forehead, and it felt tender. He turned his rear-view mirror and looked at the reflection, and saw a grotesquely coloured bruise on his temple. It took a moment before Lukas remembered what had happened. "For as long as I've known you, you've always been cold… you are just a cold soulless person. You just don't give a damn about me at all!" Mathias's words stung. Not only were they a harsh thing to hear from anyone, whether they were true or not, but from a person like Mathias… it was so unusual it took on a whole new level of pain. A loud t

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It's a Queen Quiz! To do it, pick which one (a, b, c, or d) to find out which Queen member you are most like. Which Queen member are you? 1. Some of your favourite pastimes include: a. [ ] doodling, going to nightclubs/parties, doing what you want, and a bunch of stuff that's music-related in some sort of way. b. [ ] building instruments, viewing space stuff, reading/writing books/stories, studying interesting/important stuff c. [ ] drinking, causing damage with your car, partying, driving fast cars, goofing off & having a good time d. [ ] spending time with your family, building electronic things or some kind of usefullness, travellin


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