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Ultimation 12

By uberkid64
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Hey Brian! If you don't want to know what Jon and Roger are doing, don't ask.
C'mon dude...

ANYWAYS, for those who don't know this, Vince Neil and Axl Rose.. yeah, don't exactly get along. Once upon a time the two bands (that being Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses) toured together, but then Izzy said something or something to Vince's girl, Vince got pissed and punched Izzy I think, Axl freaked being all "don't fuck with my band!" so Vince was all "fine, I'll take you!" or whatever and Axl cowarded away, and so Axl went and bashed Vince a bunch publicly, but would never turn up to their fights and all...
So, they don't really get along. Perhaps one day they'll finally meet, in this comic anyways, and finally battle it out...
..or Axl will be a coward again.
(don't get pissed at me. I'm not just saying Axl's a coward, he really was..)

Anyways, the whole bit of the Terror Twins thing with their powers and all, that was all Nikki. No, I never met him (that'd be sweet though..). He wrote that in "the Dirt". Good read. Well, if you're into rock bios.. otherwise, avoid it. Especially if you're all white collar and all. Probably wouldn't enjoy it.. me, however, I like reading about rockstars and their drugs.. don't know why. It's kinda entertaining I guess.


The Mick part.. well, he's not like other people in the comic. He's quiet and mysterious, and he seems like the kind of guy who would find enjoyment out of hiding in a dark corner and scaring the shit out of Richie. Well, that's my opinion.

Question: What do you think should happen next?
*Super insanely horribly long comment over*
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The Terrors reminded me of Team Rocket in that though..
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Woulda been cool if Axl came. Oh wellz, maybe not.
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Awesome as always :lol:
happypeopleusavedme's avatar
Only realize it was Richie after reading the comment xD Sorry
Comic's getting random and random but me likes!!! ^^,
uberkid64's avatar
I need to find a way to make Richie and Jon appear different better...
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Ugh I forgot the guys name, but you forgot to draw his blue bandana towards the ending lol just an FYI and I can't wait for the next part :D mainly because I have NO IDEA who these people are except of course Queen and NIkki Sixx...and I'm only talking about this page, I knew about Jon Bon Jovi and Led Zeppelin though XD I think Rush should be in here somewhere too :XD:
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Oh, you must be talking about Richie.. yeah, he doesn't have a bandana. He just looks a lot like Jon... at least in my comics.
Rush... hm, I'll add it to the list. I'll see if I can come up with something.. if not they may just be there to PWN.
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ahh I see :iconfryplz: and thanks lol
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Oh, and just noticed "Note: Not Tamaki's emo corner". Now I love this comic even more :love:
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Ha ha, I had to add it.
~ubersquish39 also recommended that I make Tommy and Nikki be like Kauro and Hikaru from Ouran.. except not brothers, obviously. Just all mischevious and all..
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You should, it matches them perfectly! :XD:
PersonWhoDrawsThings's avatar
Poor scared Richie :XD:
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This is getting weirder and weirder XD
uberkid64's avatar
Yeah... that's the way I roll. Believe me, if you read the stories ~ubersquish39 and I wrote you'd think it's beyond weird. They're crazy!
canyoudothefandango's avatar
ha I might take a squiz at them XD
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