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Bon Jovi TBF

By uberkid64
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I thought it lmooks alright... until I scanned it..
I'll add a better version when I fix it.

Anyways, this is the prize for :iconsparklingsary:. She won the contest for :iconrichie-sambora-fans:. Hopefully I will end up giving justice for one of her favourite pictures of Bon Jovi..
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Awensome Job on them, I loved it
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Hi there :wave:
Thanks for the draw!!! :iconteamoplz: It's fantastic! :clap:
I'll set it as desktop for a while!!! :wow:
Jon is the best here!!! :heart: Good job! :nod:

Thanks again!
Love :iconkokorox: Sarina
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You're welcome! Sorry it didn't turn out better, but I'm glad you still liked it!
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This is so great....and I am really jealous of your icon (mine doesn't move :cry: ).

Bon Jovi needs more love!

Once again, awesome drawing.
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I found this icon online on a Bon Jovi tumblr.
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awesome, as always.

except Tico... he's not quite right somehow... *constructive criticsm that isn't constructive*
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I know... originally when I sketched him, he looks freakishly a lot like Bono..
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maybe Tico really IS Bono in disguise! he's a warlock or something, and can transform at will -- he's spent the last 40 years switching back and forth between himself and Tico
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Yeah. Let's just say that's true. That would also mean that Tico can also talk with an Irish accent! Boy, is he talented or what?!? :XD:
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:XD: haha, Tico has the power to pwn the world with all his awesomeness, but he's nice enough to not...

good ol' Tico :D

i'd bet he's immortal too, like the Highlander guy.

ooh, Highlander question: what happens if he gets AIDS?
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I dunno, he keeps getting sick and dieing, but because he doesn't look his head, he keeps coming back to suffer again.

I really don't know. Can't immortals even get sick? I don't really know much about those guys...
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i don't know...

plus, your first sentence confuses me...
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I can see why..
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