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The organ organ

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The organ organ is a bit hard to fine tune, but in the hands of a master musician it will create the sweetest music The World has ever heard.

The maestro has a wide range of keys at their disposal. Certain keys control various levels of strength or vibrations from the electrified piercings. Others instead control the "lower devices" which functions much in the same way.

The actual music makers are strapped in and linked up to the organ. Their melodic moans will then be spun into magnificent music. Usually the makers are thoroughly gagged, giving off a slightly muffled, humming tune.

The hardest part is finding the right girl for your band, auditions are held to see what key and range a girl has and whether she'll be able to harmonize with the other members. The largest orchestras may have up to 60 members and one can only imagine the complexity involved having the girls sing in tune.

The picture is an inspiration piece from our last UWRIC where :iconspirit-of-vice: was wondering how concerts work in The World. This might provide a clue or two, just imagine playing…

Slightly naughtier version up on Patreon.
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That’s one way to get them to sing!
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JoshBeta1Hobbyist General Artist
So sexy! So kinky! Yeah! :squee:
I want to join the organ... :love:
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ugielHobbyist Writer
Beautiful, magnificent, clever, FANTASTIC concept! :clap:
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I only have one word to say. archived.

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I just love her dress
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SinonraHobbyist Photographer

I agree

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cangkulretakHobbyist Digital Artist
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A very classy image! Fine work.

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Gonna have to bug Trev for the patreon one hee!  I love the idea though!
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Sent it over already.

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can I get some of that action?

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Sorry, we split costs on the Patreon pledges we mutually support. She got booted off Patreon some time back before her medications sorted out some volatile personality issues, so we go through mine and she pays me half, it's the only reason I share with her. It's not much to support Uberis on Patreon and get access to the whole archive of his work there, it's a dollar or three well spent!

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well in that case... I WANT IT MORE. jk. I understand.

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Lol. Worth the pledge though!

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diNorianHobbyist Digital Artist
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*blank look...*
Gaia's blood! You've (over) done it again! After all, nothing exceeds like excess!
I'd suggest "Through the Fire and the Flames" by DragonForce as part of the program, but that would be a bit much... :)
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uberisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad you like it!

I wonder what would give out first playing that song; the girls, the keys or the maestro's fingers.
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Wouldn't the mutes affect the accuracy of the pitch, though? :-)
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uberisHobbyist Traditional Artist
You mean the gags? Well they do hinder it a bit, but they also prevent unwanted complaining and other vocals from the music makers so it's generally considered a good trade-off.
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I just hope they give the high C girl a break on that. :-)
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hmmmmmm. suspicious that they would be gagged to keep complaining out of the way......... you see what I'm saying is that that got kidna- ANYWAYS, very hot pic, MMMM.

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is the instrument used by Duran Duran in his attempt to kill Barbatrella with a superpowered orgasm an advancwed versino of this?
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