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Journal History

Since noone asked for this, we are proud to present a comprehensive FAQ that hopefully will clear up any misconceptions surrounding the enigma that is Uberis.

It's latin, can mean "overflowing" or "udder". I sure do enjoy overflowing udders.

Why here, why now?
I felt like keeping my art from public view would be tantamount to a crime against common decency. On a more serious note, it feels good sharing your hobby with likeminded people. It's also nice receiving feedback from others, even more so if it's positive.

What do you draw?
Girls, and any variation thereof. It could be robutts, or perverted wizards, or deep philosophical art questioning the nature of breasts. 

How do you do the deed?
I use a pencil to draw and then I color it with a bloody mouse. I'm too cheap to justify buying a wacom or whatever at my current skill level.

I have been getting a surprising amount of messages about this, so I'll just answer it here for everyone.

Sure I can make you a commission, but you don't wanna order one from me. Let me explain further:

I like doing art. I like doing art as a hobby. I especially like drawing exactly what I want without pressure, restrictions or deadlines. If I were to make art for money, it would become a job instead of a hobby. As such it would have to compete with my real job, rewarding work that I also enjoy quite a lot. That will in turn lead to a picture such as this costing around $350 to produce. Not because I value my art that high (I don't), but simply because putting in the same amount of time at my regular job would net me that amount. Combine this with the fact that I generally consider art undervalued, especially around here, and I don't wanna participate in a race to the bottom by competing with price.

So there you have it. Commissions are open, but for now I'd recommend you to find someone else. There are lots of really good talent available right here at DA.

If you really want something drawn from me, just be on the lookout for my contests or UWRICs, where I'm making pictures from the ideas my watchers send me.

Yeah, UWRICs. Short for the Uberis Watcher Request Inspiration Contest (phew). It's where I leave you, my watcher, in charge of my pencil and bloody mouse. Maybe you can have your very own vision interpreted by yours truly.

If you are my watcher, reply to the UWRIC announcement posts with a cool/hot idea for a picture. After a week or so, I will choose the one idea that I like the best and make an image out of it. You will of course be credited for the idea.

UWRICs are held at irregular and arbitrary intervals depending on my real life schedule, but I usually try to make them coincide with watcher or pageview goals.

What's next?

Well do you have any suggestions? I'll probably keep pitching out old material alongside newer artwork. My plans include (but are not limited to) exploring different colouring styles, expanding the universe that many of my drawn characters inhabit, animation, games, short stories and even collaborations.

DISCLAIMER: Remember kids, girls are nice and should be treated nice. Only hurt them in your fantasies, well, unless you asked them first and they really really want you to!

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I am pretty lazy.

Now you know, and knowing is horrible, ignorance is bliss.

This FAQ might be updated if anything comes up.


Professional professions
Today we are playing an incredibly exciting game, you job is to guess what each of these girls are doing for a living. In a day or so I could post the answers, and then I guess we could argue about how wrong they are.

An older picture from The World. I have apparently been doing bondage fashion for a long time.
Leviathans mermaid impression
This was long overdue, the first picture actually showing our swimmer swimming. From the looks of it, it's going swimmingly.

No dialogue this time. If it were, it would go like this:
Levi: Brulb blurb.
Greg: What?
Levi: Mmmblurb!
Greg: Yeah I know, the tail is great for training your lower body. Never skip leg day!
Levi: [angry underwater glare]
Greg: You look good to boot. Sadly they'll never allow you to compete like this, har har.
Levi: Blorb...

Her swimsuit is  Leviathan swimsuit design (for uberis) by KindlyCruel (with a few addons) designed by :iconkindlycruel:, good job designer.
A WMD class member of the Magellan coalition. Veritas is the top wizard in the illusion school of magic.

She likes dressing fancy, fancy enough for me to not wanna color in her dress, but it was kinda therapeutic to draw. A slightly older picture.
The UWRIC is done, this time the winner is :iconbluengreen:, congratulations! Astronaut spinning (1) Icon (animation) Astronaut spinning (2B) Icon (animation)

But man there have been some great ideas lately in these contests. These winners are getting ever so hard to pick, I wish I had more hands so that everyone could win. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being creative.

What did tide me over was that the winning idea did fit perfectly into The World and that people (including me) seem to be hankering for some giantess gallantry.

As usual, give it a week or so for the picture to be done.
Friendly reminder: Final stretch of this, anyone can win, even you.

This is a community where artists of many dispostions gather. That got me thinking. How good are you at drawing? 

66 deviants said I can doodle but that's about it.
34 deviants said Stick figures give me trouble.
15 deviants said I'm around your level.
2 deviants said I am or could be an industry expert.
1 deviant said I could give the top artists a run for the money.


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vladivostok0069 Featured By Owner May 31, 2018
Thanks for these amazing work and that April fool picture. You know what. I was actually excited about that game and started check my money. I went to that site and found nothing, thinking there must be something wrong with my explorer.
uberis Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha, sorry about that. I'll try to not get peoples hopes up if I ever make future jokes. And thank you!
khtudr Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
Thanks for watching! I love your pics, you draw nice ball gags :)
uberis Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So do you buddy, so do you!
khtudr Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
Thanks! Although thinking about it now, I haven't drawn one in a while, I must remedy this...
dannysuling Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well now. Visiting your page for the first time, and entirely overwhelmed by your gallery. And assembled in less than a year. A very warm welcome to dA, that's for sure.

Clearly you've been at this for some time prior to signing up here. Where else have you posted?

I find your drawing style really aesthetically pleasing. Bondage riggings are simple, mostly, and POVs not exaggerated by chosen for great effect. Your motion images manage to convey exactly the dynamism you intend, IMHO, and of course the damsels are delicious. And then there are the really weird images, too, an awfully odd little fetish that keeps surfacing here and there, and in which I detect considerable humor.

Wondering if you intend to post (in retrospect) the entire series of the January "Gag A Day" thing. Where did it first get posted?

Anyway, thanks for sharing these with us. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.
uberis Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey thanks for enjoying my work!

It's true that I have been at it for some time now, but DA is the first place I have ever posted my work publicly. I used to do all this for myself for the longest time, then others finally convinced me that there are other perverts out there that might enjoy what I do and here we are.

As for style, yeah I have always been the one to prefer function over form, especially when it comes to bondage. Effective ties look beautiful even without embellishments in my opinion. This may also show in my compositions, where I sometimes take a more schematic rather than artistic approach. This is actually something I'm working on and I hope to make slightly more dynamic images in the future.

I have a brand of humor that ranges from not-so-subtle to stupidly esoteric, which makes my jokes hit, miss and just plain Greek. I'm just gonna leave the interpretation up to my audience for those.

The gag a day-series was something I did mostly for training, which made most of it really sub-par in quality. I might post one or two more picture from that set, but I'm afraid I'm leaving the rest in the vault. Those who like gags may instead stay tuned for brand new such images, they are coming.
dannysuling Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Manhy thanks for the prompt reply, and for the explanations and further insight into your approach. For sure, I'll be looking forward to your further posts.
uberis Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I just can't pass up an opportunity to blab about myself so it's all good.
Animedamel Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018
Should of said this month ago.  Sorry for that but welcome to the world and ty for taking you time to share you talents and skills with us.  Love most is the text you add.  Bringing so much life to you works.
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