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Avoidance by UberFuzz Avoidance :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 3
Fiddler McFizz
Some months ago under Mount Neeka-tave's stare,
Night put life on hiatus with cold winter air.
Yet above all the slumbering coppers and clerks,
Some peculiar green clouds had a storm in the works.
And out of this sheet there rained down some green muck -
First in beads, then becoming the size of a truck!
It enveloped the landscape, the town and the trees;
And its stickiness brought all that moved to its knees.
And within this tumultuous setting there lived
A habitual rebel named Fiddler McFizz:
He'd organize rallies, fly flags upside-down.
Each chance that he got, he reviled the Crown.
Yet the ooze caught McFizz out in fields abroad
And he braved cold and hunger for months ‘til it thawed.
But the sun soon came out and the glop went away
Like a dew in the morning that's gone in the day.
And as soon as it seemed that the ground now lay bare,
A young bugle-boy ushered him off to the square
Where it seemed the whole kingdom of Didd held convention
And stared toward the sky at the piqu
:iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 1
Manny Got Plastered by UberFuzz Manny Got Plastered :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 1 2 Homestar Getting All Prancy by UberFuzz Homestar Getting All Prancy :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 4 2 Don't You Talk To Me by UberFuzz Don't You Talk To Me :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 3 4 As The Heavens... by UberFuzz As The Heavens... :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 2 Happy Birthday, Oniisan by UberFuzz Happy Birthday, Oniisan :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 1 1 The Ripples In Life by UberFuzz The Ripples In Life :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 2
I'll Love You Forever
I'll love you forever, for you are My own.
I am by your side: you are never alone.
I love you all, you're My sons and My daughters.
While you were still sinking, I walked on the waters.
When you're having fun, I laugh and I cheer.
With my light to guide you, you've nothing to fear.
When you're still on the road, I always come out to greet you.
Will you be My son or My daughter? I entreat you.
'Twas My ark that saved you from the flood all around.
'Twere your tears that fell as My blood to the ground.
I'll love you forever, each day just the same.
Won't you love Me right back?
Won't you call on My name?
:iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 2
BUYBUYBUY by UberFuzz BUYBUYBUY :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 3 4
League of Superfellas Issue 5
Issue #5
It is time once again to show my gratitude to multiple people, but first of all to Guardians of Order for making the Silver Age Sentinels Roleplaying Game. The aforementioned roleplaying game actually invented the concepts of Empire City, The Guard, The Sentinel, Mr. Matthews, Kreuzritter, and the Monarchy of Thule. Even if I somewhat expand on or change them, they are still at least based on things copyright 2003 Guardians of Order. Thanks a bunch.
I would also like to thank the following people that I know personally: Antipode, Davo, Ryan, Nate, and Erik. This series and the characters in it are based on a Roleplaying Session (using Silver Age Sentinels) that we did. Thanks for the good time.
I would also like to thank SDL International for having created, which provided me with the German phrases that are used in this chapter with a click of a button. I could not have done it without you guys.
Maxwell Liberty stood outside of Ol
:iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 0
Annoying Secretary Girl by UberFuzz Annoying Secretary Girl :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 0 Map of Ivalice by UberFuzz Map of Ivalice :iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 1 0
League of Superfellas Issue 4
Issue #4
As is my regular occurrence, I thank Guardians of Order for making their Silver Age Sentinels Roleplaying Game, and the following list of things are actually theirs: Empire City, The Guard, Red Phoenix, Mr. Matthews. Even if I expand on the characters and events presented in their book, they are still, at the core, copyright 2003 Guardians of Order. Thanks for the great books (especially dX). Keep it up.
I would also like to thank the following people that I know personally: Antipode, Davo, Ryan, Nate, and Erik. This series is based on a role-playing session we did. Thank you. (To find out what happened in the session, read chapters 1 and 2, which is the real storyline it followed)
Mr. Matthews cowered in a corner of his own laboratory, a bright reddish light shining at him from the darkness surrounding him - enveloping him. Something was out there, and it was biding for its time to finish him off, as if it were waiting for something. His arm oozed th
:iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 0
League of Superfellas Issue 3
Issue #3
Once again, I thank Guardians of Order for making their Silver Age Sentinels Roleplaying Game. Empire City, The Guard and Mr. Matthews are copyright 2003 to them and I thank them for not suing me. You aren't suing me, are you?
The sun rose into the sky once again, and Pyro Boy peaked open his eyes. He yawned and stretched. Five o'clock: time to get out of bed. He gathered up some clothes for school and headed down to the shower-house. It was empty, for which Pyro Boy was thankful.
On the wall was arranged the employee of the month for each of the months that year. At first glance they all had the same face: Parin Sullivan, the bathhouse manager. Pyro Boy looked harder, though, and saw that the one for January had been different: someone of pure water. That's interesting, he thought.
He took his nice warm bath, and got all of his books ready for school. He walked into the medical bay; Grey Mage was already awake.
"Good morning, Karl," she greeted him w
:iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 0
League of Superfellas Issue 2
Issue #2
"Because a guy, a whole lot smarter than any of us, once told me that with power comes a great deal of responsibility. And that's not just for people with powers, like me. I think it goes for everybody."
-Spider man, Ultimate Spider man #21
I would like to thank my older brother, Antipode, and my three friends, Ryan, Nate, Davo, and Erik. The story arc and characters of this story is based on a role-playing session that we did. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys.
Also I would like to thank all the people at Guardians of Order for making the D10 Tri-Stat system. Empire City was their idea and I'm not trying to steal it from them. Really. ^_^'
Last time on the League of Superfellas:
"The Granny Smith Sugar-stuffed Confections… has been robbed," Grey Mage informed them. "The police refused to pick up the case, as did the Guard. The circumstances seemed rather… outlandish. They both wrote her off as psychotic. They thought that she was se
:iconuberfuzz:UberFuzz 0 0

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Cyril U. Fuzz
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: The middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: Eddie Brock, Ben Urich, your mom
Favourite style of art: Cartoony / Manga
Operating System: WinXP
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Shell of choice: Pasta Shells
Wallpaper of choice: It changes from time to time.
Skin of choice: No skin. I just have to stay off the sofa.
Favourite cartoon character: Mandy from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"
Well, it's been about a year and half since I've been active here, but I figured that I might try to start up again. The first step towards this effect was to erase quite a few of my old deviations, namely those which were G_D-AWFUL.

Well, how can I sum up what's happened in the last year and a half? Here are some of the most important things, in chronological order:

I graduated from highschool.
I started college.
I got me an artpad for Christmas.
I converted from Christianity to Naturalistic Humanism.

From this period I have written some stuff, with varying degrees of success. I uploaded a verse-story from my Senior year, and plan to upload another story once I'm done re-editing it.

So yeah, welcome back.

Thank you.
  • Listening to: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Reading: "A History of God" by Karen Armstrong
  • Watching: "Cannibal: The Musical"


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