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Beam me up, Scotty
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Published: April 15, 2010
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My fear of the dark are well-documented. Beginning of last week i challenged this fear on a whole new level...

The aurora forecast was promising and i decided to do my best at capturing this phenomenon. As darkness was approaching i put on my climbing skins and started the long climb towards one of the many mountains in the area. First i had to walk through the mountainforest, with crooked creepy trees. I distracted myself by constantly looking up to the sky instead of looking around for ghosts. Once i got over the treeline i was forced to forget my fears for about an hour...it`s impossible to be afraid when your climbing up a ridiculously steep mountain... I`d rather be exhausted than scared shitless :-)

Eventually i reached the area just under the peak. My original plan was to climb all the way up to the top, but i was too exhausted to even consider such a thing.

My eyes wander across the beautiful mountainscape. The sky was getting darker, but my eyes had adjusted enough to get a good view of the scenario. Suddenly i see a creature about 100 meters ahead of me. A characteristic shape quicly moving across the white mountain. The illusive wolverine... Not the most common creature to see. I`ve spent a day or two in the mountains over the years, but this was only the second time i`ve come across this cute predator. What a nice start to the evening....

There was no sign of the aurora yet. I looked up at the clear blue sky, and when i say blue i really mean blue... I saw a white cloud and started to worry that clouds would come rolling in. I stared at this weak cloud when it suddenly started moving. Not moving like you would expect from a regular cloud, it started dancing...up and down and from side to side. When i realized it was the aurora i must have looked like Hank Moody in the company of 20 naked strippers....

I then started the search for compositional spots. Really not that difficult in such a place. I fired away frame after frame, constantly moving around. Then the action really exploded. The aurora was more intense than i`ve ever seen before, and i`ve lived up here my entire life. It only lasted for a few minutes, but i`ll remember it for quite some time...

At one point the light would come straight up from the peak, like there was someone doing nuclear testing just behind it. I shot at iso 800 at f/4 and shutterspeeds down to 2 secs. The landscape became significantly brighter and i just smiled for myself... This is 4 seconds of concentrated northern lights beaming up from the highest peak. I have another shot where it seriously looks like the whole mountain is about to go off, but i`ll save that for later...

A couple of hours later i was standing at the same spot i shot this one [link] when i heard footsteps in the snow. The snow was windswept and crunchy so i could hear everything quite clearly. I froze when i saw the silhouette of the wolverine just about 50 meters in front of me. It just stood there watching me for a while before it disappeared. 10 minutes later the same thing happened...this time it appeared closer. My heart was pounding... I`ve never heard of a wolverine attacking humans, but in the dark bent over my camera i could pretty easily be mistaken for a big fat reindeer. I dont have horns, or anything that could resemble horns, at least not on my head, but still.... Kinda like surfers attacked by sharks thinking they were seals :-)

I packed my gear and rushed towards the steep mountainside where i had planned to ski down. In complete darkness with a wolverine circling me in... I somehow managed to get home safely without breaking any bones or becoming the nightly meal for the wolverine....ahhh...good times!

iso 800
4 sec

Have terrific weekend everyone!



Homepage: www.arildheitmann.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Arild-Heitmann-Photography/2685164..
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Nature's propane torch (at least it kinda looks like that),
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Yami-Marik93|Hobbyist Artist
every time something neat like that, it get very cloudy, like I miss the solar eclipse cuz it was cloudy and I the miss the northern or southern lights cuz it was cloudy. I even miss the blue moon cuz it was cloudy.
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RasmusWAndersen|Hobbyist Photographer

You've been featured -> [link]
I hope you appreciate it!
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your lovely work is featured at :iconwater-and-nature-art: - have a look please and enjoy [link]
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JoostHermans|Hobbyist General Artist
Great story, and amazing shot. :peace:
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silvestru|Professional Photographer
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coby111|Hobbyist Photographer
My favorite. I like the sleek streamline appearance.
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Dieffi|Hobbyist Photographer
I have featured this beautyful picture in my "True Blue"-collection [link]!
I hope you will agree and enjoy!

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FreakyLaurent|Professional Photographer
Breathtaking & well written on your trek to the mountains!

Would love to capture those !
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Incredible capture!
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KiusLady|Hobbyist General Artist
What a superb shot! The story really adds to it too; I always love hearing what went into creating amazing art!!!
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Beautiful shot
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EvaMcDermott|Professional Photographer
Excellent image Arild! Interesting story makes it even better.
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i applaud your courage :) and enjoy the results. one of my favorite aurora shots!!
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Amazing story!
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kittykaos|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi :wave:
Your wonderful art has been featured here!
Have a great day =D=D=D
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lamour13|Hobbyist General Artist
(picks up her mandibule from the floor) This is the most beautiful aurorae photograph I`ve ever seen...
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what a great photo :#1: :+fav:
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nivaun|Professional Photographer
The story alone is great, the photo makes it so much better.
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Simounet|Hobbyist Photographer
Amazing shot ! :clap: :+fav:
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Aamarka|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing shot and love the story. =)
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100% Awesomeness!!! :clap:

Thank you for giving us (me) a glimpse of this wonderful display of nature which most of us (me) will probably never actually experience!

btw.. I found your story as enjoyable as the image.. And I'm waiting to see your "shot where it seriously looks like the whole mountain is about to go off"!
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Lovely shot! Thanks for the story :)
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wow- just like the old days- climb up the mountain and ski down! :D
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