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Saiyuki - pretty kimono

The pairing was a random request from my roommate "Draw Sanzo and Kougaiji in kimono!!!" .. and I hadn't done pretty furisode in a while, so I thought "why the heck not, that's hot!" and I know furisode are women's kimono, but Sanzo's enough of a bitchy woman right?

The furisode are hand(tablet) painted, though the patterns in the background were flood filled.. :d took me about 17 hours, and the time was well spent~

(btw I don't post often on the this account, but I thought it'd be a good idea to post at least something new! XD I usually post at [link] )
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I saw this fanart way back in high school and wasn't able to save it, and now I've found it again!

This is one of the things that got me into the pairing <3
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'Pretty' does not do it justice. Try stunningly beautiful. *swoons*
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ya so hot..
i like guy character wears kimono...beautiful
Tell-meh-plaise's avatar
Wow. . . .just wow. . .
I love how the floor has depth and all the patterns in the background. . .
And the fact that they're in woman's kimono. . .just makes it all the better~ ^^-
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wow, beautiful picture. I don't see Sanzo and Kougaiji together often. ^_^
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kyyaaaa!! :D yaoi/shonen-ai!! *dances* good art!! i love it so hoot and smexy XD
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Not into the pairing, but nice detail!
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creepy... thought i'm a guy so it bothers me. Well drawn though. good kimon dezines to.
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OMG!!!!!!!!0.o both u-uk-uke... *nosebleeds all over keyboard* ...*looks down*............0.o NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!...AWSOME ART...
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o.o Holy crap wow. That is hot.
And I want Sanzo's kimono too~
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Okay, third times the charm! This is the third time I've found this picture, intending on :+fav:ing it and this time I'm going to do it, since I got distracted the last couple of times and, like an idiot, completely forgot. The kimono are gorgeous! Sanzo and Kou are pretty damn hot, too... but, the kimono are gorgeous!
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oh... wow... just wow...
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You just broke my brain. If I didn't read the comments, I would have assumed that there was some kind of basis for the pairing. Hell, look at them! They look like they're gonna explode if you don't let them kiss soon.

While I just know it won't ever happen, this thing makes me hope for it. So yeah. Any pic that can make me hope for a pairing that I otherwise would scoff at is certainly a favorite. Instantly.
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:wow: what a picture!
great job on the patterns :3
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Kyaa! they look so cute! I love the kimono! They colors. . .i'm guessing were on purpose?
I really like the style.
. . .Yea for KouXSan
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uh-mazing theyre so needy. too bad im not a fan of the pairing
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This one is just Lovely!!! I love the background!
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Those kimono are very beautiful. I'm, er, jealous of Sanzo's kimono. :XD: Never ever thought I would say that.
Onee-sama's avatar
... *drool* ... what a couple... they fit together so well, don't you think?
and the patterns on the kimonos really look cool... I want to have one like sanzo's!
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That's soo awesome *__* The furisode are painted so beautifully! The two guys are hotness :XD:
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now thats some quality work :)))))) love it.
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wow the designs all through the picture is simply wonderful!! the background colors work very well!! good job there....
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