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Saiyuki - Wings-- 3 of 4

Did a set of pictures featuring the Sanzo-Ikkou with wings..! Cliche, I know.. But wings are fun to draw, and it was also a lot of fun adding in all the fun symbolism..!

This one is of Goku, and is my favorite! The idea came from my roommate(thankyouthankyou) and since Goku isn't a human, demon, or god, he gets no wings! well, he gets fake ones.. that mimic Sanzo's.. ::laughs::

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nice ^_^ love the pose
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!! SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love it!!! especially that its a Goku...:blushes:♥♥♥♥♥♥ :horny:I DIBS THE GOKU!!! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!! *Goku obsessive/possessive here....* MINE!!!
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Of course he has wings like Sanzo!! Heheh great job, these are beautiful@
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XD all of your Saiyuki boys with wings are amazing i added them all to my favs; however Hakkai's my favorite of them but i love'm all!!!!!
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i thought goku was a demon? what is he then? after all, he's not human, and he was still around when sanzo and the others were in thier past lives... so if he's not demon or god, what is he? just wondering...... but yeah, nice job. great pic
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So cute! I just love Goku!
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Yay! Goku is my absolute favortie, and you say he's your favorite, too ~ <3

*glomps the Goku happily*

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That is just epic sexyness.
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you have no idea how much it annoys me to hear goku called demon or human. I like how you pointed that out. This ones my fave but i love sanzo too!!!
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Very witty! ^-^ Again kudos!
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He's so adorable with his "Hey, look at me!" attitude. He couldn't care less that his wings are fake.
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OMG OMG OMG!!! :heart: i LOVE it!
kitsunenojutsu's avatar
I love it XD

The eye on the right is kind of odd, but he is still hell of hot. he is ubber sexy, he is my favorite character of Saiyuki and i luv it to hell and back. The fake wings won my heart over all the others members, i heart you for your creativity and mastery in art. Go Goku, you rock!!!
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i was goku at a convention i went to
i have a pic up in my gallery, if you wanna check it out
WOW goku is sooo freakin hot
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he looks so cocky and so cute :D
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I can't decide whether or not that's cute or sexy x_x;
Both! *melt*
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Heh, so I Had to fav all four of those 'wing series sorts'. They were too in-character Not to love. <3 Well bloody done.
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