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Saiyuki - Wings-- 1 of 4

Did a set of pictures featuring the Sanzo-Ikkou with wings..! Cliche, I know.. But wings are fun to draw, and it was also a lot of fun adding in all the fun symbolism..!

This one is of Gojyo, with his half-demon side showing in his wings..

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Awesome! Nice work ^_^
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This one I don't remember, but is freaking brilliant! I love it! 8D
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I love how you displayed his character in his wings. :)
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Wow hes lookin
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looks like bossanova from ouran [link]
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Ooooh! Gojyo is my fave! Love it! <3
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OMG! Super cool drawing!! *O*
wow that is so awsome!!!
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amazing job! i love all of them! :heart:
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I fallen love with the firts sigh!
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Nicely done pose, very much reminiscent of Minekura-sensei's style. Wonderful work on Gojyo's musculature. The shoulders, the collarbone and the jutting hipbone are beautifully done. Love the pants, too. I love the juxtaposition of the wings, the red angel wing paired with the red demon wing.
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The wings are very devious XD Love Gojyo!
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Oh my god. This is amazing! Very, very good job!
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Neat job I like the colors and the pose!!
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I love it!:love: Did you do one of Hakkai too? I think i might have seen it. . .
wow hey your really good, this is the skill level i want to be at unfortunately im not quite there yet and i can never seem to buckel down and finish a piece lol
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late to the party as always, very nice.
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Sexy Gojyo + beautiful wings = fave
I love it! Gojyo looks so awsome!
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